The pope's major project

The pope's major project

It's a mammoth project that the pope already started five years ago. He wants to reform the Curia with his advisors. Now indications are that results may be published this year.

The Pope's planned document on curia reform could be published in December or February. The Indian Cardinal Oswald Gracias ames this, as he said in an interview with the U.S. magazine "National Catholic Reporter". From 10. to 12. December, as well as in February, the next two meetings of the Council of Cardinals (K9), which supports Pope Francis in the reform of the Curia and of which Gracias is a member, are planned.

Another sign of an imminent release is the fact that Pope Francis last week appointed a church lawyer to the council as another secretary. The latter is to help revise the planned new Apostolic Constitution with the working title "Praedicate Evangelium" (Proclaim the Gospel) before it becomes the Constitution "Pastor Bonus" (The Good Shepherd) on John Paul II's curia reform. from the year 1988 replaced.

Support local churches

Without going into details, Cardinal Gracias indicated the thrust of the reform would be a service to the local churches, that is, the Church in each country. "The initial idea was to help the local churches by helping the Holy Father," Gracias said. "Now the idea is to help the Holy Father by supporting the local churches." This is "a decisive change," according to the archbishop of Mumbai (Bombay) and president of the Indian Bishops' Conference.

At the last meeting of the Council of Cardinals, he said, they also reminded the pope that they had been in office for five years and were ready to both quit and move on. "We wanted to make the decision easier for him," Gracias explained. The pope has not said "no," "that means he is thinking about it".

At least two members of "K9" are under public prere: George Pell, who is on trial in Australia for abuse allegations, and Chilean Francisco Errazuriz, who is accused of covering up abuse cases in his homeland. From Germany, Reinhard Cardinal Marx is a member of the panel.

"Be well prepared"

The meeting of all presidents of bishops' conferences around the world that Francis has called for 21. by 24. According to Gracias, the reform that the Pope has convened on February to strengthen the fight against sexual abuse in the Church should be "well prepared and not just cosmetic". Although the preparation time was somewhat short. In the end, however, "we should have something in our hands to take home: Knowledge, confidence, skills," the Indian cardinal said.

Francis initiated the first steps toward curia reform as early as June 2013, three months before the first meeting of the initial eight cardinals: Marx, Maradiaga, O'Malley, Pell, Gracias, Errazuriz Ossa, Monsengwo Pasinya and Bertello. Building on measures taken by Benedict XVI. the Pontifical Commission for the Vatican Bank IOR was established in June 2013, jurisdiction in Vatican criminal law was reformed in July, and a Committee for Financial Security was created in August to control against money laundering and terrorist financing.

Steps toward reform

In February 2014, the Economic Secretariat and its parent Economic Council were established. At its head, two K9 people: Pell and Marx. This was followed in March 2014 by the establishment of the Child Protection Commission, led by Boston Archbishop Cardinal O'Malley. With him, a third member of the K9 is leading a refoundation of the curia reform. Pell has had to rest his posts since July 2017 as he faces trial in Australia.

In June 2015, the pope began to bundle all media activities the Vatican; the involvement of the newspaper "Osservatore Romano" is still pending. In summer 2016, the pope merged several councils into large dicasteries. Out came that for laity, family and life under Cardinal Kevin Farrell, as well as the dicastery "for the promotion of integral human development," according to the unwieldy Vatican vernacular. Under Cardinal Peter Turkson's leadership, this authority has developed a flurry of activity, such as international conferences on disarmament, human rights or health ies.

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