The grune city in the waste of abu dhabi

The Emirate wants to invest 15 billion in renewable energies, including the construction of a new zero emissions city, which was designed by Norman Foster

If it is to be gigantic and at the same time a little grun, this is the right task for the global architect Norman Foster, whose Buro allegedly grunta space port in the Wuste (Virgin Galactic and the eco-friendly space airport) designs like a huge tent in Moscow (skyscrapers for the New Russian coarse) or a pyramid in Kazakhstan (urban utopia of an olgen prassident). In particular, the builders in the gulf region, which are billions and billions in new construction projects, are always more spectacular, which are becoming more spectacular in order to extract the competition in the attention concomity (oriental tourist and richengetos). Now Foster is designed to design the Emirate Abu Dhabi – by course – Grunte nullemission city

In Dubai you have just decided to take the next time after the last artificial island, with whose construction has already begun. You had started modestly with islands in the form of palm trees, then it was already around the world – and now is no less than the universe. That can hardly be carried out anymore.

Almost at the same time, the planes were announced, with which the Ol Emirate Emirat Abu Dhabi now wants to create a green future with renewable energies, as long as the bubbling olgery is still under. 15 billion US dollars are to pronounce in the next few years in Grune projects, u.a. Should CO2 be stored under the earth in Olfelden, causing the olfactory quantities to be increased and CO2 emissions are to be removed from the atmosphere .

Model for the green town of Masdar. Image: Ameinfo

The next month as part of the Masdar initiative with the construction of a first neighborhood for 15.000 residents of a green city are started, as Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Kronprinz of Abu Dhabi announced on Monday on the World Future Energy Summit. Planned is a zero emission city for 50.000 residents in the middle of the Wisse, where there is no water and the temperatures like to rise to 50 degrees Celsius once. Thus Wilkl to develop and demonstrate new techniques and urban designing initiatives with 2.5 million US dollars and research initiatives with a new Zayed Prize. The new city should, of course, also become the center for such developments and be attractive as a free trade zone.

Norman Foster has designed the green city whose construction was decided in 2006. Responsible for this is the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (Adfec). Traditionally, it should be a densely built, car-free and fematic-friendly city with narrow, shady straws and a wall, but which emits neither emissions nor mulling and is fully supplied with renewable energy, especially solar energy,. The cooling should be done by wind energy. The houses are not high than 5 floors, nowhere should be further than 200 meters from the next public means of transport. Drinking water is to be obtained from a solar powered desalination system, the green facilities in the city and the fields in front of the city should be supplied with customs and wastewater.

The city on a flat of six square kilometers is intended to meet the ten principles of the ONE Planet Living initiative launched by the WWF, which, in addition to zero emissions and mull, also the use of local materials and food, continuing traffic, fair trade, preservation and restoration of natural habitats or health and happiness. Even the workers who build up the city should receive a just pay. You can be curious how that everything will happen. Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud, director of the WWF initiative One Planet Living, is always full of praise and said: ‘Today Abu Dhabi went on the journey to become the global capital of the revolution of renewable energies."

For the construction, a solar power plant should first be built outside the city. The aim of the design is that the city whose umbrellers are equipped for the mostly part with solar systems can finish enough energy for self-catering within the walls. A train connects the Grune city with the capital Abu Dhabi, otherwise one moves in the city to Fub or with small, driverless taxis that drive on tracks.

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