“The crisis will descend the playful in digitization and impose a hard pragmatism”

BND and Merkel consultant Sandro Gaycken on the debates for mobile phone tracking, the competition with China, which laptop he buys and to question whether CIA or Mossad Covid-19 invented

Sandro Gaycken, among other things, the Federal Government, the EU, the IAEA, the UN and Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and designed for the latter, for example, in the security circuits as Epochal No-Spy Agreement with the People’s Republic of China. He is the Grunder and Director of the Digital Society Institute ESMT (including the most important German DAX companies consult), director of NATO SPS Project Cyberdefense, Research Director for Cyberstability at the French National Research Center for Defense, Security, Terrorism and Radicalization at CNAM and Senior Advisor of Harvard Kennedy School AI Initiative . The studied quantum mechanic and military cybertoneorist who is considered a technical philosopher and became ahead of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) is also working today for the CDU. Gaycken himself is prussed on Twitter, but there only be backing.

The Effects Long Term on the companies National as global are still completely unimageable. What does Corona mean the digital overall? A rollback or a whole new world?

Sandro Gaycken: Partly, partly. Online business models with gastro and travel, for example, like Flixbus, are now just unpeated in the ground. There is still unclear whether they recover again and looks like the macroeconomic damage. Probably that somehow come back, but then in other (often Chinese) hand. Otherwise, such a crisis is a gross chance for digitization. You can make new experiences in the world of work and supply chains, and the economic programs can be used and should also be used to put not only a restart, but to make a digitally modernized restart. Since you should use the time now to try things that you make right away, when it goes on again. Are many high-tech segments of the global economy but now really danger? Aviation is also high digital, Lufthansa has enormous pits …

Sandro Gaycken: Well, life will eventually go on again, but both the luck in the global supply chains as well as the business planning, which is very high on edges, without randoms, make some companies very hard. They will have to recover again until money is spent on digital research and development and appropriate modernization. Everything that has no clear and fast return on Invest will be the next few years of hard person. But you can also turn this positive. The crisis will descend the playful in digitization and impose a hard pragmatism. The digital needs to be really useful now. If you can take this perspective for yourself, will expect yourself under the crisis winners. Unfortunately, there are other cultures better than us. We were too good for us, so to speak too much. What is not bad – that’s why it’s all about – but you’re losing grip, which is true, hard pragmatism.

"We should definitely make tracking of infected mandatory for all"

Now in politics and the public is intensively discussed about the so-called mobile phone tracking. You are also a prestigious expert for digital security: has the overhead of use in this crisis?

Sandro Gaycken: Unfortunately yes. The tracking of infected is a pretty effective method of one collection and above all the continuous occasion in the recovery of public life. the "Field tests" From Korea and other countries, the impressive. In the US or Israel you have less reservations about politically, some call the naive … How do you stand for mobile tracking? The digital community is very divided, many fired supervision-"regime".

Sandro Gaycken: I am absolutely not a fan of individualized or customizable mass monitoring or even the technical option for it, but values are always in value systems and in social contexts and in this case I was considered legitimate and even moral commandments to rule out a variant of it and also impose. We have to protect life that otherwise die a misery death, leave traumatized and leave children, and we have to restart our public life. The goods with an app both are not absolutely solved, but at least much better feasible. If we make that as privacy as possible – but absolutely without compromise in the effiviality – and agree that this will come back after that, then we should definitely make the mandatory for all. The alternatives are simply in any respective ratio to the value of data protection.

"The time after, with a massive recession and globally high unemployment, will offer high potential for radicalization"

In the integral area, however, always develop new things in terms of technology. The corona crisis is also an accelerator there?

Sandro Gaycken: I am not aware of that. The CIA is known to be the origin of the origin of China, but I do not think that the currently new technologies require. If, if, of course globally, more conflicts occur globally in the episode of the crisis, that seems to be foreseeable, then intelligence work becomes more important again to understand which pronouncements and consequences that can have, but that will take a little bit. Corona is also a chance for "the evil" in the world? For terrorists, radicals, amoktaders – also in digital?

Sandro Gaycken: Well, there are many many who are now trying to overpower the chaos or to pull an advantage from it. But since there are so many things in the upheaval and yes really everyone is affected, they are "Business models" Not so sharp yet. The time after, with a massive recession and globally high unemployment, will offer high potential for radicalization. There will be, I think, a total of dangerous. The Cyberwar celebrates a funny source, already before Corona: Every page tries to influence, sometimes more, sometimes less with facts. Are the infowar the cyberware actually the war management of the future? Or the whole thing is treasured?

Sandro Gaycken: That’s not the future, that’s this today! And it is difficult to succeed. We see in various places, such as disinforcing and idiotic conspiracy theories scaling and radicalizing very effectively, with terrible pronouncements such as hundreds of dead, also children, in Iran, which are faded on a fake story, that industrial methanol should help against corona … … From Trump was similar to horen …

Sandro Gaycken: … and especially in the post-corona world, with generally high uncertainty and political instability, this will be a coarse problem. Even the rights will be set up new myths. We urgently have to be more decisive against catch-up and otherwise dangerous content, like the "information", that you should drink industrial alcohol. China was hit by Corona first, now the US is the country with the most victims: is not the west not uncertainly ahead of envy: in the new energies, in the market of Africa, in the economy, smartphones and state-of-the-art it -Technology?

Sandro Gaycken: Absolutely. And the Chinese seem also to have a playbook ready for the case of a global flu pandemic. There you are now on shopping tour and buys from the attacked corporations critical business segments globally together, which will drive us in a still higher dependence. Parallel to this one plays the savior and attacks aggressively western diplomatic conditions. After Corona in China: Consider Huawei really as a danger? Politics argue internationally massively with US Prassident Donald Trump, the associations of worldwide governments are very contrast ..

Sandro Gaycken: Yes. Who has the architecture sovereignty can switch off. Who can switch off, can blackmail. I do not want to live in a political dependence to a human despicable dictatorship. They also work in France: belong the rough nation of the last centuries, France, to the digital losers – or maybe not?

Sandro Gaycken: no idea. In some areas you are better than us, in other worse. I’m not a good comparison. The Islamic world and also the African have caught up: but especially to Corona times, it seems that a lot of information from the West go to these states, but few from these states to the West. This is synchronized in digitization?

Sandro Gaycken: There it is still much too early to form a verdict. That depends very on how well the crisis management will be. But the public is always surprised that public networks are attacked or law enforcement behaviors such as the Federal Criminal Police Office Some decision-making programs do not own. Is really impossible to protect the former realiter and effectively and bring the state to a highest level? Some private users create it ..

Sandro Gaycken: Well, there has been much better, but it’s still massive lucky and weaknesses in the peripherals. You can still attack everything well, so it is attacked. I’m not immobilized. From the DARPA, for example, there are already long concepts how to build (almost) unassailable IT, with a completely secure stack. This is now also building German companies like Hensoldt Cyber, for militar applications first, but that is, of course, civil also roll out and became a lot of problems. The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) and other agencies are still the old problems. It is difficult to get highly qualified staff and maintain and the requirements for technologies are so high due to forensics and privacy that only a few technologies in the open market really fit exactly.

"The surveillance of everyday conserves is not true innovation"

If you buy a new computer, what will be new to safety first?? Many journalists, activists and other homeless use no more smartphones, instead only old cell phones …

Sandro Gaycken: I buy a Mac or an iPhone. Period. If all technology development is inhibited by Corona, as is generally said: They also worked on the development of SmartGuns. Once you are actually thrown back for years?

Sandro Gaycken: With SmartGuns I only had a week ago to do many years ago. As mentioned above, my tip was that we need a lot of development and that this will also be an important criterion for the sustainable survival of our economy, but now it must first be much more pragmatic. Much what we have praised and developed as digital innovation in the intoxication of one or the other hypes was from the outset of Total Bullshit. That has to stop now. If you get the curve, you can now throw each other for years. They are also philosopher: corona appears yes many like another world. Is the world generally only at the beginning of your digital development or do we already have the best already behind us? Where not Smart Kuhlacke is not really very useful …

Sandro Gaycken: Well, something like the usage of everyday sizen or anything e-commerce is just no real innovation, but marketing or relocation of business models. Digitization will always have new, real and steep development curves when paired with other high-depth technologies or when still completely underdeveloped areas are still discovered. Therefore, we are not in the end. But yes, the digital refrigerator does not need a human – really. That’s what refrigerator manufacturer needed to exchange ideas (specialist in digital innovation theory) that the refrigerator has been invented since 1748 and you do not need a new one every two years. A question still to satisfy all the conspiracy theorists in the month of the 1. April: Goods intelligence services really capable of Corona "put into the world"? Or overshoot some in their paranoia their omnipotente power? Or put the "angry" CIA, who is now also active in Berlin active GRU’s Russia or the still bosses and naturally all the mossad behind it?

Sandro Gaycken: Of course, states are able to develop organic weapons. That is an old hat. Whether they intentionally circulate them globally is a very different question. Surely it was theoretically winner and with the old "Cui bono" you can do this and those suspicious, which were intentionally done to pose to the world power now. But there is still a very important pramisse in such actions: you always have to expect that you may be inflicted. No secret is 100% safe. And if anyone deliberately implies a biological mass murder to pull economic and political advantages from it – and somehow comes out – then this state is at the end with all its decision-makers for all times. The is sanctioned, isolated, punishes to santtnimmerleinsstag, if not even invaded or eliminated at least the political lead. This risk will not be a reasonably rational state. But in recovery theories, it is not about realism, but to seek the desperate and the intellectual pleasure, the natural chaos in the world a planned process, because corresponding characters do not stop it differently. (Marcel MalachowskiTo)

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