Teacher confesses to crime

Teacher confesses to crime

The diocese of Hildesheim has filed criminal charges against a teacher of the Catholic Marienschule. The reason: sexual abuse of a schoolgirl.

A teacher from the Hildesheim diocese has admitted assaulting a teenage female student, the diocese announced Tuesday. The educator was reportedly suspended from teaching and summarily dismissed. In addition, he is no longer allowed to enter the Catholic school.

According to the diocese, the parents of the student had informed the school administration about the abuse last week. The responsible director of the main department of education in the episcopal general vicariate, Jorg-Dieter Wachter, had summoned the teacher thereupon. In a conversation with the guard, the man admitted to having been sexually assaulted.

Bishop Trelle is dismayed

"The fact that, despite intensive prevention work, a young person at the Marienschule has become the victim of sexual abuse shocks and dismays me," said Bishop Norbert Trelle. The Marienschule reacted to the incident on its homepage: "We as a school community are deeply shocked by this unacceptable offense and offer the parents and students all the support we can in this situation."Pupils and parents could turn to the school chaplaincy team for help with needs and concerns.

The diocese said it offered help to the affected student and her parents. No further details would be given to protect the personal rights of those affected, the diocese said.

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