Sunday speeches do not help

Sunday speeches do not help

Too little commitment? The abuse commissioner of the German government, Johannes-Wilhelm Rorig, criticizes a neglect of the topic of abuse also on the part of politics. At the same time he demands protection concepts at schools.

"To this day, I have the impression that only those who are directly responsible for child protection ies are very committed, but the more child-protection-remote politics do not give my topic area the necessary priority," Rorig complained in an interview with the "Tagesspiegel am Sonntag" newspaper.

Since child protection often fails due to a lack of money, he also looks to the responsible financial departments, said Rorig. "Political Sunday speeches with the tenor, the children and young people are our future and they need stronger rights, must be brought by the policy finally with the actual doing in harmony."

Abuse commissioner for each federal state?

The federal states, with their responsibilities for police, justice, education, youth, social affairs, health and university research, held the "key" to success in combating sexual violence in their hands. Each federal state should urgently develop its own interdepartmental master plan against sexual violence, Rorig demanded. "I also suggested that an abuse commissioner be appointed in each country."He should, if possible, be attached to the head of government and take the lead in developing and promoting an interdepartmental master plan.

"In this context, a bitter thought often crosses my mind: whoever is responsible for the protection of children and adolescents and does not do everything possible to enable maximum protection from sexual violence, exposes himself in the long run to the accusation of acquiescence," Rorig indicated.

At the same time, he also spoke of some very important changes in the legal situation, for example, to improve undercover investigations of so-called cybergrooming and access to the darknet. They had been agreed to by the grand coalition at the end of 2019, he said. "This must not be overlooked, because this also supports the investigative authorities in the states."

He said he hoped there would now be further positive developments, partly because Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) had presented a "very good" reform package. "Unfortunately, after the Munster case was revealed, the discussion shortened to tightening penalties.

But there is an urgent need to invest in prevention, cooperation, qualification and help. Whereby I of course welcome the intensification of punishment."

Rorig calls for protection concept at schools against sexual violence

Rorig demands after the recent abuse cases besides from each Land of the Federal Republic a school protection concept against sexual force and interdepartmental master plans of the Ministries. Every responsible senator or minister knows "that a school protection concept against sexual violence is a central building block for recognizing victims of abuse among girls and boys," Rorig told the "Tagesspiegel am Sonntag" more. With the exception of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, schools in no federal state are required to develop their own protection concept.

It is important that a school becomes a "central place of protection" against sexual violence, Rorig stressed. Pedagogues are important confidants for affected children. "Teachers could recognize when a child is changing. But for this, they need the appropriate training. I think it is very important to specify in the respective school law that schools receive the necessary financial and personnel support."

According to Rorig, a school protection concept also includes "offering age- and developmentally appropriate prevention workshops to all students, training all teachers on the topic, and establishing and publicizing internal and external complaint mechanisms in all schools". The commissioner called for a legal obligation on schools, saying that without legally guaranteed financial and staff support, they would not be able to do so across the country.

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