Stop self-harm of the church's teaching authority

Stop self-harm of the church's teaching authority

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After the Vatican's No to the blessing of homosexual couples, Catholic laity in the dioceses of Aachen and Munster call on their bishops to object. All people are invited to follow Jesus, they emphasize.

Bishop Helmut Dieser of Aachen should officially reject the ban by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in order to "prevent harm to people and stop the self-damage of the Church's teaching authority," the Diocesan Council of Catholics in the Aachen diocese said on Friday.

The demand of the Diocesan Committee of Catholics in the Diocese of Munster was addressed to all German bishops: "We consider it an indispensable duty of every responsible office bearer to avert harm from the people and to point out to the Vatican authorities the self-damage of the Church's magisterium by an official rejection of the magisterial note."

All people are invited to follow Jesus, he said

Both the Aachen and Munster laymen emphasized that God loves all people. "A partnership that is borne by love and responsibility is under the blessing of God," said Kerstin Stegemann, the chairwoman from Munster. The committee supports all pastors who publicly stand for the blessing of homosexuals. They acted according to their conscience and had the backing of a large majority of Catholics.

The Aachen committee expressed a similar opinion. The latter had spoken out for a further development of the Catholic sexual doctrine on Valentine's Day in an interview with the Catholic News Agency (KNA). "It is under-complex," said the bishop. All people are invited to follow Jesus.

"We cannot say to someone: unfortunately you don't, because you somehow don't conform to a norm." The latter also urged more acceptance for homosexuals in the church. Corresponding passages in the Catholic Church's textbook – the Catechism – would have to be amended by Pope Francis.

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