State treaty with islamic associations?

Chancellor's Office Minister Thomas de Maiziere (CDU) has called on Muslims in Germany to come closer to the "enlightened positions of the Basic Law". This development does not run in the opposite direction, said the Chancellor's Office Minister on Thursday in an interview with the Catholic News Agency (KNA) in Berlin. In doing so, he referred to constitutional decisions of recent years. The minister expressed his belief in a stronger legal position for Islam in the future.

The relationship of the constitutional state to Islam, however, "will never be as it is with the Protestant and Catholic churches". Further the most important coworker of the Kanzlerin urged the right to the building of Christian houses of worship in all Muslim countries. It is appropriate and right for the millions of Muslims in Germany to have mosques. It would be just as appropriate if Christian churches could be built in all those countries where Muslims are in the majority. With regard to the building of mosques in Germany, he said, the construction of a place of worship should never be an "act of demonstration or of the superiority of one religion over the other". That would be an abuse of religion.The CDU politician described the establishment of legal structures of Islam and its legal recognition as a longer process. It was not a question of small groups wanting to quickly become public corporations and enjoy privileges. The goal would have to be structures for the entire Islamic community. "The integration of millions of Muslims, even as a religious community, may be difficult, but it is inevitable," says the chancellor's office minister. Chancellor's office hopes for change in bishop's image of family De Maiziere is also counting on a change in the image of the family among Catholic bishops. He hoped for more recognition for a concept of family "in which, hopefully with civil marriage, responsibility for children is really borne on a permanent basis. This should not be discredited," he warned in Berlin. At the same time, it remains the task of the church to demand an ideal of family.The politician called for the social reality to be perceived. "If the classic image of the family that some Catholic bishops refer to consists solely of getting married between 25 and 30 and not having had any sexual intercourse beforehand, of the man working and the woman staying at home," then of course there is a changed image of the family today, he said.He would like to see praise instead of criticism for mothers who want to meet the many demands of family and career, de Maiziere stressed. He said that anyone who would accuse parents of giving up their child-rearing skills if they put their child in a daycare center and wanted to combine work and family life "is ignoring commitment, creativity and a sense of family. At the same time, de Maiziere emphasized that the degree of agreement between the federal government and the church is great, despite individual differences in content.The Minister of the Chancellor's Office referred to the still high reputation of family and family-related values. The allegedly so depraved and uneducated youth expresses astonishing approval of the family and values such as fidelity, parenting skills and the desire to have children. This applies to both West and East Germany, he said. In many eastern German regions, even without Christian ties, family ties are even higher than in the West.

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