Spd – characteristic successor of the old guard

SPD - Characteristic successor of the old guard

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The written by the media "Schulz effect" is summarized, the SPD continues to see on descent and shows that she has nothing to speak

The SPD is considered the oldest still existing German party. Your leaders are the general German workers’ association as well as the Social Democratic Workers Party. Since 1959, the SPD consumes for itself to be a Left People’s Party.

These aspects are important to understand criticism – even sharp criticism – on the SPD not as an encore for other parties, or they are equally reflexible with one "the others are not better either" to answer. Anyone who also criticizes the SPD in the face of their departures from the Lehren left goals in favor of workers does not not find that other parties behave better – he does a concrete criticism of a party (compared to others) the coincidence of the social gives, but not me.

Lapidar printed: With a party like the CDU / CSU find a few politicians who face the camera, talk about (social) justice or to raise the appearance of a mobilized security policy, while they are at the same time the hardliners in relation to both resorts give. This is what the SPD has been so unsubstantable for many for many for many for many: it suggests to distinguish itself from the CDU / CSU, but in detail consideration, the distinguishes act rather low.

In addition, the SPD has been reputation since the Agenda 2010 "Left People’s Party" could not restore. And who the current "Greeness" the SPD looks at a little about this development, because they ultimately act like clones of the early Hearrangigen SPD politicians.

Martin Schulz: Narcissistic blankness from Gerhard Schroder and Kurt Beck

It may have been a spabing when Martin Schulz did not know what the crowd should call him around him and then on the acquaintances "Martin! Martin!"-Shouting out, but it also shows that Martin Schulz, for some time party chairman and the media highly praised hope carrier of the SPD, likes to celebrate.

A recording of the Bavarian broadcast shows how he was not satisfied in Wurzburg with the Cheers of the Young Socialists and asked them, but "Let’s call" and suggest "Martin call" – An ordered enthusiasm, in which it is not sufficient to raise you for the party or proposals, but rather for a human, for Martin Schulz.

The medial representation of the Schulz effect must therefore have probably done to him, the man who says of himself that the power claim from each pore dripping him. In this context, it can also be seen his successful departure from the alcohol: to become dry alcoholics and stay, is a strenuous work, which requires respect – but straight dry alcoholics need a correspondingly rough group around them, which it earth, so that the Victory on the enemy alcohol not for self-proof or. -Acceleration leads. It therefore works as if Martin Schulz needs this encouragement, this celebration.

From the outer, Martin Schulz is a blankness from the rather Jovial Kurt Beck and the only initially Saloppen, later the more elegant Gerhard Schroder, which he also emerges from the aforementioned power claim. Also, Gerhard Schroder dear and like to celebrate, saw the skill of the SPD gladly inseparable with those cropped and love to talk about (social) justice, while he passed the Agenda 2010, who sustainably changed the social policy of Germany.

In an interview with Deutschlandfunk, Rudolf Dressler, at that time, did the Vice Chairman of the SPD and Prasidium member, to formulate this:

One will, even if one works with the pointed pencil, can not prove the government and also the majority fractions that they had socially unjustified decisions. The crucial point is that many in the party – that is now only considered for the SPD rhetorically the impression that you could do it or you intend it. At the SPD, the attempt is already punishable. This mixing of what we allegedly wanted to do or what some wanted to do for the party, and what has been done, what has been done, these lucks we could not lose in rhetoric, in the public presentation. I do not believe that we can prove that we have operated a policy, the socially unfair goods. We have now criticized that in the process government, proven detectable. With us this is just a very sensitive topic. Since we can not give the impression, it could happen with us.

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