Signs of pedosexual predisposition

Signs of pedosexual predisposition

In the diocese of Hildesheim there are indications of a new possible case of abuse. A priest who died in 2019 allegedly committed sexual violence against a boy in 2015, the diocese announced in Hildesheim on Monday.

Likewise, there were indications that the man had had a pedosexual predisposition. The diocese is looking into the matter. The former presiding judge at the regional court, Wolfgang Rosenbusch, will carry out investigations with further experts.

Most recently retired chaplain in Wolfenbuttel

The accusations are directed at a man identified by the diocese as Georg M. The priest who was last appointed as a retired chaplain in the parish of St. Peter in Wolfenbuttel in 2009. The parish priest there had received witness reports about the clergyman.

The latter had reportedly been ordained a priest in 1969 and served as chaplain in Bad Gandersheim, Grob Ilsede, Salzgitter-Gebhardshagen and Uelzen. The accused had later worked as a pastor or minister in Ronnenberg, Lehre, Salzgitter and Cuxhaven.

The working group that was set up will examine the entire priestly career of George M. investigate, it said. The results of the investigations would be published by the diocese and also made available to the group of external experts around chairwoman Antje Niewisch-Lennartz.

Hildesheim Bishop Heiner Wilmer had appointed the group led by the lawyer, Green Party politician and former justice minister of Lower Saxony in April 2019. Since then, it has been investigating acts of abuse during the term of office of the former bishop Heinrich Maria Janssen (1907-1988), which lasted from 1957 to 1982. He himself is accused of abuse.

Those affected should come forward

Vicar General Martin Wilk called on those who may be affected to contact the appropriate persons. In the diocese of Hildesheim there are four contact persons for suspected cases of sexual abuse, who are independent of the diocese. The bishop's advisory board on sexualized violence is also staffed by outside experts.

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