“She is alive and well”

What is behind this statement? In the search for the missing Emanuela Orlandi, Pope assassin Ali Agca has intervened. Orlandi, who had been missing for 36 years, was alive and well, he announced through his lawyer.

Emanuela's brother, Pietro Orlandi, expressed strong doubts about the content of the statements. Agca is merely seeking "media attention," Orlandi told the Catholic News Agency (KNA). At the moment, the priests' college Campo Santo Teutonico is investigating clues that could shed light on the fate of the then 15-year-old Vatican citizen.

In 1981, Agca had asked Pope John Paul II. critically wounded by gunfire in St. Peter's Square; he served time in Italian and Turkish custody until 2010. On the possible theories about Orlandi's disappearance on 22. June 1983 heard that it was an attempted Erpreng to Freilang Agcas.

Orlandi had "never been abducted in the true sense of the word"

In the email, obtained by the CBA, Agca states that Emanuela Orlandi was "never abducted in the proper sense of the word" but was the victim of an international conspiracy concerted by the U.S. intelligence agency CIA. There is also a connection to the "third secret of Fatima", a message of the Mother of God received by seer children in 1917.

"Emanuela has never suffered any violence," Agca wrote. The case had no criminal or sexual background, it continued. A statement by Pope Francis that Emanuela is "in heaven" is "manipulated". Agca continued, "The Vatican government is not responsible for the organization of this international intrigue". He called on the CIA to disclose its "secret documents".

Brother Emanuelas doubts statements

Emanuela's brother, Pietro Orlandi, described the remarks as "further confusion Agcas. First he accused the Vatican, now he defends it," said Orlandi. The only thing that remains unchanged is Agca's claim that Emanuela is living abroad under Vatican control.

However, neither Agca nor anyone else had ever presented evidence to support this thesis. Agca's rendition of Pope Francis' quote in question about Emanuela, Pietro Orlandi called factually incorrect. The statement showed that Agca also based only on what he read somewhere.

Unsolved criminal case

The Orlandi case is one of the most famous unsolved criminal cases in recent Italian history. After the family said it received tips from Vatican informants, opened on 11. July investigators two noble tombs in Campo Santo Teutonico, but without results.

Last Saturday, two burial chambers containing second-buried bones were cleared out at the priests' college. Remains to undergo forensic examination next Saturday.

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