“Sexuality is a positive force”

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Catholic German Women's Federation hopes for changes in church sexual morals. This must offer "a helpful orientation for living in successful relationships," the association explained with regard to the Synodal Way.

The ie is on the agenda there. The reform dialogue launched by the German bishops and the Central Committee of German Catholics is intended, among other things, to regain lost trust following the abuse scandal.

"We want to make it clear that sexuality is a positive force that is given to people and is a natural part of life," emphasized KDFB Vice President Birgit Mock, who heads the working group on sexual morality at the Synodal Way together with Aachen Bishop Helmut Dieser.

"We should trust that most couples take responsibility for their sexuality and live their love relationship with a gratifying sexuality in respect for each other and mutual consent," Mock added. "In this, we as a church want to accompany and encourage them, and this is what we advocate for in our forum."

Online conference of the Synodal Way

Further, the KDFB demanded a "comprehensive reappraisal of abuse and sexualized violence" as well as a "complete clarification, truthfulness and constructive dialogues for a new beginning, in which priests and lay people are equally involved".

On Thursday and Friday, participants in the Synodical Way had shared updates on the initiative in an online conference. The KDFB, founded in 1903, has 180 members.000 members of. The association advocates equal participation of women in politics and society.

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