Self-determined and responsible

Self-determined and responsible

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The Catholic German Women's Association is in favor of opening up the Church's sexual morals. Sexuality should be "lived in a self-determined way and be able to be shaped responsibly," said KDFB vice president Birgit Mock.

This applies to "sacramental marriage" or a "couple relationship designed to be permanent and faithful," Mock said in Cologne on Wednesday. "We want to contribute in a credible way to successful relationships – regardless of people's sexual orientations and gender identities."

In Germany and other countries of the Western world, the reality of life and church teachings diverge widely on questions of sexuality. Premarital sex, the use of condoms or sex between people of the same sex are considered sinful or against human nature in the Catholic Church.

Working group on sexual morality on "synodal way"

Mock made the following comments with a view to the regional conferences of the Synodal Way on the future of church life in Germany, which are due to take place on Friday. The KDFB vice president co-chairs a working group on sexual morality with Aachen Bishop Helmut Dieser.

The forum is to do preliminary work on the substantive debates of the Synodal Way. A debate on sexual morality is also on the agenda of the regional conferences taking place simultaneously in Berlin, Dortmund, Ludwigshafen, Frankfurt and Munich. The KDFB counts according to own data approximately 180.000 members.

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