Self-critical questioning

Self-critical questioning

Mental and spiritual abuse are also problem areas in the Catholic Church. The German Bishops' Conference is hosting a digital event on these topics in mid-November. Bishops are among the speakers.

A digital conference on "dangerous soul guides? The German Bishops' Conference, the Catholic Academy of the Diocese of Dresden-Meissen and the Saxon Medical Association are organizing a conference on "Mental and Spiritual Abuse.

In connection with the processing of cases of sexualized violence in the Catholic Church, the mental and spiritual abuse of believers by pastors should be addressed, the Bishops' Conference announced in Bonn on Monday. The role as "soul leader" requires great responsibility, needs trust and can therefore also be abused.

Affected people report

The meeting will take place at 12. to 13. November in the Catholic Academy in Dresden. It was originally planned for the provost church in Leipzig. In the exchange of experts from medicine, psychology, jurisprudence, theology and churches, the event is intended to self-critically question the pastoral action of the church, according to the Bishops' Conference. Based on an analysis of the phenomenon of mental and spiritual abuse, ways of prevention, response and reappraisal would be discussed.

Speakers include Bishops Heinrich Timmerevers (Dresden-Meissen) and Felix Genn (Munster), Roman psychologist Katharina Anna Fuchs, Munich Jesuit and psychiatrist Eckhard Frick, and Erfurt canon lawyer Myriam Wijlens. In addition, those affected report on their experiences.

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