Seeded number halved in western manners in 40 years

Seeded number halved in western manners in 40 years

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection in which a single sperm cell is injected into an egg cell. Image: EKEM / Common-free

The reproductive research must urgently strengthen, such an appeal in the British Medical Journal. But why actually?

With the reproductive ability of the human genus it does not seem to be the best. Of course, you did not necessarily have to worry, as the world’s volcanization continued to grow even further and thus the resources that are necessary for survival could be further shrinked. The reduction of reproduction love to understand as a natural antidote, which was currently the survival of people.

Individually, however, it can become a drama if the reproduction does not work and the child wish can not be satisfied by adoption or should. The Danische Professor for Endocrinology and Andrology Niels Skakkebaek at the University of Copenhagen warns after a review of the research situation that at least in the Western world the number of sperm in the manners is considerably accumulated. You can act quickly to find the cause, writes Skakkebaek in the British Medical Journal BMJ. But what is that bad? That the manner in the west become less cautionary and therefore the people from other regions can generate more offspring?

After a Metastudie published in Human Reproduction Update, the sperm concentration in the ejaculate of the manner from Western countries (North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand) between 1973 and 2011 fell by more than 52 percent. And the number of sperm is almost 60 percent. In addition, the scientists found, there are no signs for the fact that the rint of the rucks is slowed down, rather it was continuous less. On the other hand, in Sudamerika, Asia and Africa do not establish a striking racy. Here, however, significantly fewer examinations have been carried out.

The scientists point out that the sperm count is closely linked to the manual fertility. The economic and social burdens through manual infertility are high and have been increasing. There is also a connection between low sperm count and mortality and morbiditat as well as with testicular cancer. Skakkebaek writes that in the period of time the number of manners, which already received in a young age, had increased testicle cancer. Although it is not known which causes of this trend has, but the suspicion was suggested that it could be dealing with the environment or lifestyle, for example, with the suspension of pesticides, even if not known, to what extent an impact on the sperm qualitat or have testicles. Also stress, eating and corporation can also have an influence.

Infertility treatments are only a short-term solution for single

In the prosperity fortifications, the number of children, which come about with artificial fertilization, rises during the fertilitat rates in many western countries under 2.1 children per woman, which is why the population decreases. In Germany, but also in Japan or Singapore, the fertilitar rate has fallen to 1.0 to 1.5 children per woman despite artificial fertilization and therefore led to political and economic discussions.

This is worrying to help muse art generations and start new clinical and basic research programs in reproductive medicine, as infertility treatments are only a short-term solution for individuals. In addition, there is the possibility that the most common method of artificial fertilization, intravytoplasmic sperm injection in which a single sperm cell is injected into an egg cell, "produce new generations with bad reproductive health" could. So the inhabitants of the Western world die – the wins? – due to increasing infertility of the manner?

The reproductive physician also speaks in its own interest and requires more money for his fashion without truly whatever the need to expand reproduction research is so urgent. So the role of endocrine disruptors (environmental hormones: only a modern myth?) that are clarified the lifestyle, including drugs, or the increase in testicular cancer in young man people.

However, not only such questions had to be clarified, but also from an evolutionary perspective had to be supposed to be supposed to be an adjustment to changed living conditions or. could act on the prosperity, from which grounds the preservation of national population levels necessary or why it is important that the fertility of art generations in western countries should rise again.

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