“Schlag den star”: sarah lombardi competes against rapper

For the first time, the TV show "Hit the Star" on ProSieben for the duel of the sexes. So in the next ie on 8. December the singer Sarah Lombardi against the rapper Eko Fresh to.

In the previous show "Beat the Raab" there were ten duels between a woman and presenter Stefan Raab – even in the first edition at the end of September 2006. But only one woman could win against Raab. As with "Schlag den Raab," celebrities compete in quiz and sports competitions on "Schlag den Star.

Duel Sarah Lombardi against Eko Fresh still open

How the duel between Lombardi and Fresh will go seems to be still open. After the announcement of the channel ProSieben on Twitter, however, some worried about an arguably much more important question: what happened to Alessio? This is how the Telekom subsidiary Magenta TV tweeted: "The main thing is that Allessio is fine," alluding to the son of Sarah and Pietro Lombardi.

The Lombardis, who met during their time together on "Deutschland sucht den Superstar," have since separated. After the separation, many fans of the two then worried about their common son and shared this in hundreds of messages on social networks. Sarah Lombardi's former partner has also taken part in "Schlag den Star". The result: Pietro Lombardi fails all along the line.

For Sarah Lombardi it is not the first appearance in a TV duel. So she competed in the RTL show "Let's Dance" in 2016 and came in second place.

For Lombardi as well as for the rapper Eko Fresh (real name Ekrem Bora) the recording of the show will be a home game. Both were born in Cologne. Eko Fresh is also no stranger to celebrity duels on television. He already participated in Stefan Raab's WOK WM and his Autoball WM. (ac)

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