“Scavenger hunt – around the world with christ”

Scavenger Hunt – Around the World with Christ © Ralf Gemmecke (KIKA)

The KiKA series "Scavenger Hunt – Around the World with Christ" receives the "Golden Compass" Christian Media Award. The jury praised the creativity of the production and the exemplary way of explanation, the Christian Media Association KEP announced.

The prize will be awarded this Wednesday in Berlin. In the production, the two presenters Bernhard "Ben" Blumel and Amy Mul went on the trail of the Christian faith all over the world: Their journeys took them to Nigeria, to Rome to meet the Pope, to Brazil, to the Luther city of Wittenberg and to other places. The four-part series was first broadcast in Advent 2016. In addition to the two presenters, KiKA editorial director Nonfiktion Matthias Huff and director Christian Heynen receive a Golden Compass. Anna Maria Leistner, Volker Schmidt-Sondermann and Melanie Weib also honored.

"There's no such thing as a little faith: how God is turning my life around"

The deputy editor-in-chief of "BILD Digital," Daniel Bocking, receives an award for his book "Ein bisschen Glauben gibt es nicht: Wie Gott mein Leben umkrempelt" ("There's no such thing as a little faith: How God is turning my life around"). In an honest, appreciative and respectful manner, the journalist, who is a man of all trades, professes his Christian faith, said the jury. The book was preceded by an online article in which Bocking comments on religiously based violence from an explicitly Christian and personal perspective in the face of IS terror. In addition, Kilian Trotier is honored for an article in the weekly newspaper "Die Zeit" entitled "Der Herausforderer". In this "also very personal essay," the author describes how he could not live without Jesus, the jury explained.

Another prize goes to radio journalist Jessica Brautzsch for her cross-media series "Glaubenssache – von der Atheistin zur Christin" (A matter of faith – from atheist to Christian) on MDR Sputnik. In it, she tells how she finds her way to the Christian faith at the age of 28, from her first church visit to her baptism a year later. The jury stated that no question was too delicate for it to answer.

"Valerie and the priest"

Valerie Schonian receives the KEP Young Journalists Award. Schonian had accompanied the priest Franziskus von Boeselager in the blog "Valerie and the Priest" on behalf of the German Bishops' Conference. She asks him questions about the church, faith, why he is a priest, how he feels about sex, abortion and other ies.

The "Golden Compass" is endowed with 2.500 euros, the KEP Young Journalists Award with 1.500 and 500 euros (special prize). Previous winners of the award include presenter Gunther Jauch, golfer Bernhard Langer, CDU politician Volker Kauder and actor Samuel Koch. The award in the form of a compass has existed since 1990. According to the founders, it is awarded to journalists who promote the Christian faith, based on suggestions from viewers and readers. The media association was founded as the "Conference of Evangelical Publicists" (KEP).

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