Report: apple wants siri remote “fix”

Report: Apple wants Siri Remote'fixen''fixen'

Apple works on a new version of his Siri Remote, the famous-erupted remote control of Apple TV devices. Corresponding information including the internal code name – he reads "B519" – should now be leaked, it is called in a report. The device, which in addition to simple buttons on a touchpad surface left, which impresses, was already introduced in 2015 with the Apple TV 4. In 2017, together with the Apple TV 4K, it came to a slight change – Apple donated the MENU button a woman’s ring so that it is easier to recognize.

Fragile hardware, operating problems

Main problem The Siri Remote was always that users grasp them wrong. The design is symmetrical, even if the touchpad has a different surface. In addition, the latter is quite small. The gestures that can be carried out with the Siri Remote are by no means self-clarifying and the glass-existing Touchpad is relatively fragile.

"Apple TV Remote" instead of "Siri Remote"

With "B519" are now planned stronger changes, reports 9TO5MAC Calling on informed circles. How exactly the appearance is not penetrated. The old Siri Remote Horte on the Codenamen "B439". That Apple could plan a new remote control for Apple TV, can already be found in beta versions of new Apple operating systems. In the youngest Apple calls the Siri Remote as "Apple TV Remote". A simple name eligibility does not seem to be this.

With "Find My" against sofa loss?

In the fall of 2020, the Financial News Agency Bloomberg reported that Apple gets to Apple TV "Faster chip and overworked remote control" work. This is supposed to be with Apple’s food network "Find My" Working to locate them in areas – probably via Ultra-Wideband technology (UWB). Apple TV in itself has been averaged for a long time. The last version of the box comes from 2017, main renewal was then a faster hardware, which for the first time also has 4K recordings.

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