Pure francis

Pure francis

Ingo Bruggenjurgen © Ide Lodige (DR)

Pure francis

Pope Francis as a fisher of men © CBA

Once again Pope Francis inspires the masses, this time in Latin America. And he is not afraid to call the most pressing problems of the region by name. A commentary by our site editor-in-chief Ingo Bruggenjurgen.

Anyone following the pope's current journey through his mother continent can only frown slightly in wonder and push his lower lip forward in admiration. It is always astonishing and admirable with what personal commitment Pope Francis puts himself to work for the cause of Jesus. The 78-year-old Pontifex Maximus, the bridge builder from the other side of the world, does not spare himself (and his companions) for a minute. The program he has prescribed for himself, however, does not only mean an exhausting journey through the South American continent – in fact, it is pure Francis.

The Pope wants to go to the margins of society – the visiting countries Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay are truly not the centers of the economic world. Pope Francis wants to be a pope for all people – he does not only meet with the powerful of this world – he is with the poorest of the poor and the marginalized. In Latin America, he stands by the side of indigenous peoples, visits the sick, the elderly and prisoners, and has deliberately included a meeting with homosexuals in the dense program. Francis pure would be incomplete, however, if he did not admonish and encourage again and again in the process. Thus he addresses the economic exploitation and injustices among the rulers and powerful, as well as the necessary educational measures and the fight against the overexploitation of nature and the destruction of the environment. Francis' program is not a colorful and randomly thrown together by him – it is his holistic commitment to God and God's creation. God himself and mankind are the focus for the Pope. For this, Francis, like his predecessor Pope John-Paul II, is laying down the groundwork. and Pope Benedict XVI., especially in Latin America. He also wants to rest only in heaven.

With body and soul, with his warm and enthusiastic voice and his always winning smile, he is a truly good bridge builder and fisher of men. For Francis not only inspires the masses in the countries he visits, but also permanently puts the Christian message on the agenda of the world community. Even non-Christians sense this pope is authentic. He is genuine – and therefore convincing and always inspiring anew. Francis does not need purple for his message: He lives the Good News – Francis purely on the trail of Christ.

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