Public prosecutor's office demands execution

Public prosecutor's office demands execution

The public prosecutor's office in Krefeld demands the execution of the Chilean sentence against the former doctor of the Colonia Dignidad sect settlement, Hartmut Hopp, in Germany. The Krefeld Regional Court will decide in the coming week.

The conviction for aiding and abetting the sexual abuse of minors is sufficiently in line with constitutional principles, senior public prosecutor Axel Stahl told the Evangelical Press Service (epd) on Tuesday. He had come to the conclusion after intensive examination that an execution in Germany was permissible. About the appropriate request must now decide in the coming weeks the regional court Krefeld.

Hopp had fled to Germany in 2011 after a Chilean court sentenced him to five years in prison for aiding and abetting the sexual abuse of minors. The German sect settlement Colonia Dignidad in southern Chile served as a torture center for the secret service during the Pinochet dictatorship (1973-1990) and also made headlines for decades because of suspicions of sexual abuse and illegal arms trafficking. Hopp, now 72, was considered the most powerful man in the former "Colony of Dignity" after settlement founder Paul Schafer (1921-2010).

After court, it's politics' turn

Because the verdict against him in Chile was not yet final, Hopp was able to flee to Germany in 2011 and has been living in Krefeld since then. Germany rejected an extradition to Chile. After the sentence became final in Chile in 2013, the country sent a request to execute the sentence in Germany.

In a so-called exequatur procedure for the enforcement of a judgment from abroad, the German judiciary does not again determine the guilt of the defendant, but only checks whether the judgment was reached according to the principles of the rule of law. Should the Krefeld Regional Court also find the execution admissible, the ball is in the politicians' court. Then the Federal Office of Justice, in agreement with the Foreign Office, would have to grant an execution. In April, Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD) released files on Colonia Dignidad ahead of schedule and admitted that the Federal Foreign Office had failed to deal with the sect settlement.

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