Privacy labels for iphone and ipad: google will take you time

Privacy Labels for iPhone and iPad: Google will take you time

Actually, Google is not lazy when updating his apps for iPhone and iPad – regularly there are updates with new features and troubleshooting. But since December, there is no more popular applications such as Chrome, Maps, Gmail, YouTube or Drive anymore. They remain on the old stand. At the Browser Chrome, the potentially could even result in the fact that the app has unknown security – the application was last on 23. Tested by Google, a little eternity.

Duty to more transparency since the 8. December

Many of the Google apps were last on the 7. December updated. This in turn is exactly one day before the official start of Apple’s freshly enforced duty to publish so-called data protection labels. The idea is more transparency. Apps are intended to provide users in the App Store preliminary information about what data is collected so that they can possibly refrain from downloadable.

The Group shares the privacy information in the sections "Data used to track your person", with the user "directly linked" as "unclear" Data on. In the area "Tracking" Must app providers disclose the potential creation of user profiles for advertising purposes, which combines the information collected in an iOS or iPados software with data from other apps or even websites and offline offers.

Google had already uplured

Previewed, Google Konne CONNE scanning his updates for Apple’s new data protection label, there was already at the beginning of the year. At that time, however, the Group shared, a plan to provide the own iOS app catalog with the data protection labels, such as a Google spokesman to a US medium announced. First Google software will start your data accesses in the next few days in label form. That’s exactly what has not happened so far. Instead, even two new Google apps appeared after the 8. December, which do not have the data protection labels. But they could also have stuck in Apple’s app review, so before the 8. To have been submitted in December.

Nevertheless, that the search giant also stops the frub still at the end of January and has not updated any of its most important apps. It is unclear what effects the importation of the data protection labels has downloaded numbers. However, you will be prominently promised by Apple – and not in fine print. Maybe Google’s privacy laws are known to be master of your subject, still in a vote process, what needs to be disclosed exactly.

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