Prevention first

Prevention first

In the past two years, the archdiocese of Cologne has commissioned about 24.000 full-time and volunteer staff trained in prevention of sexual violence.

In approx. 1.000 events, school teachers, educators, priests, youth group leaders and catechists, as well as choir directors and administrators, were made aware of the ie and given recommendations for action in cases of suspicion.

After attending a training session, all employees would have to sign a self-commitment statement, explained Gene-ral Vicar Dr. Stefan Hebe when presenting the figures. Moreover, according to the prevention regulations in force since 2011, 20.000 extended leadership certificates of church employees have been requested. It is important "that children and young people find with us a protected area, in which they can develop healthily", so Hebe. This is the only way to regain lost trust.

Coordination and implementation of prevention is the task of prevention officer Oliver Vogt in the Archdiocese of Cologne. He develops and organizes the individual measures with his staff unit based at the vicar general's office. A total of more than 350 instructors have been trained for the prevention training courses. He also organizes specialist conferences and ensures the inter-diocesan exchange of experience.

For the upcoming vacations, the prevention center has published the information flyer "Children's rights on the road". It also operates the "Unterwegs Telefon" ("On the Road Phone"), which provides advice to leaders of vacation camps in situations where they are unsure of themselves. The Archdiocese of Cologne has invested a total of 1.5 million euros in prevention to date.

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