Pope dismisses archbishop wilson

Pope dismisses archbishop wilson

Pope Francis has fired Archbishop Philip Wilson, who has been implicated in an abuse scandal in Adelaide, Australia. As the Vatican announced on Monday, the pope accepted Wilson's offered resignation from office.

In recent days, Australia's Prime Minister John Turnbull and the National Council of Priests had appealed to Francis to dismiss Wilson. The Archbishop of Adelaide was sentenced to 12 months in prison four weeks ago by a Newcastle court for covering up abuse cases. Wilson is the highest-ranking Catholic cleric to date to be convicted of covering up sexual abuse.

For a long time, the 67-year-old had refused to step down

Australia's Catholic Bishops' Conference said Monday night that Wilson had been "commended for his work in support of victims and those affected by sexual abuse during his time as Bishop of Wollongong, Archbishop of Adelaide and President of the Bishops' Conference". But he said he has now decided he can no longer serve as archbishop after his conviction because it causes "pain and suffering," especially to those affected, as well as to the Archdiocese of Adelaide.

Wilson, who has rested his post as archbishop since his conviction, long refused to resign. "I am aware that there are many calls for my resignation, and I take them very seriously," he said only about two weeks ago. However, he is exercising his right of appeal, and until the legal process is complete, he does not intend to resign.

On leave for duration of trial

Curia Cardinal George Pell, 77, is also currently on trial in Australia. The head of the Vatican's economic secretariat is accused of sexual assault as a young priest in the 1970s and later as archbishop of Melbourne. Pell is on leave from his Vatican post for the duration of the trial in Melbourne.

Over the weekend, the Vatican also announced the departure of former Washington archbishop Theodore McCarrick, 88, from the College of Cardinals. He, too, is accused of sexual assault.

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