Points against the bishops

Points against the bishops

Blessing with holy water © Agenzia Romano Siciliani (KNA)

A "devaluation of the sacraments" is feared by the "Forum of German Catholics". As an example, the forum referred to the proposal of some bishops for the blessing of homosexual partners by a Catholic priest.

Likewise, the forum pointed to the decision of the German Bishops' Conference on the reception of communion by spouses of different confessions.

Furthermore, the association of conservative Catholics denounced on Tuesday evening in Fulda, among other things, that politics "drags values and foundations of society" and thus contributes to uncertainty in parts of the population.

In this context, the lay representatives, in addition to calling for the lifting of the ban on advertising abortions, also called it a "breach by the state of the protection for marriage and the family guaranteed by the Basic Law.".

Loose association of "Catholics loyal to the pope and the church"

The "Forum of German Catholics," founded in 2000, sees itself as a loose association of "Catholics loyal to the Pope and the Church" who "profess the faith of our Church as summarized in the 'Catechism of the Catholic Church'".

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