Perceiving blind spot of abuse

Perceiving blind spot of abuse

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Several bishops have paid tribute to the German Bishops' Conference's office for men's pastoral care on its 60th anniversary. Bishop Schick is responsible for men's pastoral care and emphasizes the necessity of the office.

Currently, she is "taking up the shameful topic of the abuse of power within the Catholic Church against adult men," explained the chairman of the German Bishops' Conference, Bishop Georg Batzing, in a greeting published Tuesday. This work, he said, contributes to "perceiving the largely still blind spot in our Church and to work out consequences of it". There is a need for an institution that discusses gender ies and makes them "fruitful for the church as a whole".

Gender justice

Archbishop Ludwig Schick of Bamberg, who is responsible for men's pastoral care in the bishops' conference, emphasized that he experiences again and again "how important offers of conversation and pastoral care are for men". He said the office also deals with ies such as gender justice or the fair distribution of child-rearing and care work. Pastoral care has the task of "strengthening the soul, the core of man's life," Schick explained.

Better communication between the sexes

The head of the ministry, Andreas Heek, said men's pastoral care contributes to better communication between the sexes and into society. "Especially in times when polarization also seems to be increasing in gender discourse, there is a need for an instance also for men to resist the temptation to either directly develop misogynistic tendencies or to revive time-honored masculinities, which, however, ultimately harm them themselves," Heek warned. "It is all the more important that men be supported in their search for God, for meaning, for fulfillment."This is especially true because new role models have to be established.

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