“Outreach is our cause”

Union faction leader Volker Kauder has called for a stronger commitment to religious freedom in Turkey. "If Turkey says "internal processes are our business," I say, "But the commitment to Christians in this country is our business."

The CDU politician said on Saturday at a congress of Christian leaders in Nuremberg. Last year there had been reports of church closures in Turkey.

Regarding speculation that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan might want to promote his controversial constitutional reform at an event in Germany in March, Kauder said, according to the congress organizers, that this could probably not be prevented. But Germany will endure it, he said. Because that distinguishes a democracy from a dictatorship. German politicians had called on the federal government to prevent such an appearance.

Against adoption right of homosexual partnerships

Kauder also criticized the fact that many school education plans include an early examination of different sexual identities. This is not aligned with the interests of the children, but with those of "some ideologues," he said. "We are not against enlightenment and tolerance. But we want this to be done in a child-friendly way."

Kauder also spoke out against putting homosexual partnerships on an equal footing with married couples when it comes to adopting children: "I am not in favor of full adoption rights for homosexual partnerships. I make no secret of this."At the three-day meeting in Nuremberg, which ended on Saturday, 2900 Christian leaders discussed the theme "Leading with values", according to the organizers.

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