“Opening hearts of bishops”

Prelate Krzysztof Charamsa with his partner © Luciano Del Castillo

Monsignor Krysztof Charamsa © Luciano Del Castillo

Shortly before the Family Synod, Prelate Krzystof Charamsa had confessed his homosexuality – and was suspended. Now he has written a letter to Pope Francis.

Vatican prelate Krzystof Charamsa (43), suspended for confessing his homosexuality, has asked the pope for help. He had written a letter to Francis asking him to "open the hearts of the bishops" at the World Synod of Families, Charamsa said in an interview on Spain's Catalunya Radio (Wednesday).

Bishops must think of "all families" at synod, Charamsa says; minorities must not be left out. He said the Catholic Church must also recognize homosexuals. "We are good people and we defend family values," former Vatican official says.

Charamsa had come out as a homosexual in interviews in Italian and Polish media over the weekend, as well as at a press conference with his Catalan partner in Rome. The Vatican stripped the cleric of his post in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and revoked his teaching authority for papal colleges.

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