One third under 30!?

One third under 30!?

With a "synodal path," the Catholic Church in Germany sets out for the future. The BDKJ calls for greater participation of young people in the process. It is about setting the course also for their generation.

"Young people are not only the future of the church, but a big part of its present," the BDKJ federal board makes clear in a resolution published this Wednesday.

That is why representatives of Catholic youth are calling for opportunities for the faithful under 30 to participate in the synodal path proclaimed by the German Bishops' Conference (DBK) and the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK).

Taking young people's concerns seriously

"Around a third of Catholics in Germany are under 30 years old," argues BDKJ chairman Thomas Andonie. "That is why the necessary renewal process of our church can only succeed if the concerns of young people are heard and taken seriously," Andonie said.

With this and four other demands, the BDKJ wants to help shape the synodal path: Further topics are a common leadership by lains, laity and clergy, a blessing of same-sex couples, the advocacy of gender equality on the level of the world church and the establishment of a priestly education that is close to life through modern forms of housing that take the place of seminaries.

Confident outlook on synodal path

The BDKJ federal board looks with confidence to the exchange in the synodal way, which must be followed by common binding decisions.

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