Not (yet) ready to resign

Not (yet) ready to resign

Archbishop Philip Wilson © Peter Lorimer

Australian Archbishop Philip Wilson plans to remain in office for now despite guilty verdict in abuse scandal. But the 67-year-old announced that he would leave his duties as Archbishop of Adelaide in abeyance for the time being.

He was only prepared to resign if this became "necessary" at a later date or seemed "appropriate" to him.

Found guilty of cover-up

Wilson was found guilty Tuesday of covering up abuse allegations against another clergyman. The case goes back to the 1970s. The 67-year-old now faces up to two years in prison. Sentencing to be announced later. In his statement Wednesday, Wilson left open whether he will appeal the guilty verdict.

Cardinal Pell also in court

The Australian Cardinal of the Curia, George Pell, will soon have to stand trial in his home country because of allegations of abuse. The 76-year-old is therefore resting his post as Vatican finance chief. A major investigation last year found that tens of thousands of children in Australia had been sexually abused, mainly in church institutions.

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