“Not plausible”

According to psychiatrist Norbert Leygraf, there is no connection between celibacy and the cases of abuse in the Catholic Church. Pedophile sexuality develops during puberty, celibacy comes much later, said the director of the Institute for Forensic Psychiatry at the University of Duisburg-Essen.

Leygraf told Deutschlandradio Kultur on Monday that no one is predisposed to be a pedophile as a result of celibacy, and that such a connection is "not particularly plausible". Leygraf also refuted the notion that priests have an above-average prevalence of abnormal forms of sexuality: "There are no studies that would prove that priests are particularly likely to have an abnormal sexuality." Praise for the bishops On Monday, the Permanent Council of the German Bishops' Conference will meet in Wurzburg to clarify its guidelines for dealing with sexual abuse. Leygraf praised the Catholic Church's efforts to ie stricter guidelines, saying, "They can at least raise awareness, and that's what the old guidelines did, which have been around since 2002."The previous guidelines would also have apparently worked, "because in recent months there has been a very offensive campaign by the church that victims should come forward," said the psychiatrist: "And even there, hardly any more people have come forward who have somehow been victims of sexual abuse in the last eight years, but these are mostly old cases."

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