Not a “marketing agency for spiritual wellness”

Bishop Muller renewed his criticism of the theologians' memorandum. Church cannot be talked about first in sociological, political or pragmatic terms," the bishop stressed. "It is not a marketing agency for religious leisure activities, spiritual wellness and practical life assistance."

Muller accused the initiators of the reform paper of a false understanding of the church. In an interview with the daily newspaper "Die Welt" (Thursday), he said it was the bishops' task to ensure the "authenticity and integrity of the doctrine of the faith". "Therefore, they will have to deal with the position of theological training centers and the ecclesiality of theology."

"Lack of churchmanship" When asked if this could also result in sanctions against the signers of the memorandum, Mueller replied, "Not at first. But it is unacceptable for the future priests and religious teachers to put up with a lack of ecclesiasticism."


In their memorandum published at the beginning of February, "Church 2011: A necessary departure," more than 300 Catholic professors of theology mostly from the German-speaking world plead, among other things, for more participation by the faithful in the appointment of ministers, the ordination of married people to the priesthood as well, and more respect for individual life choices. Same-sex partnerships or remarried divorcees should not simply be excluded, he said.

Bishop Muller: Pure polarization is useless In the debate initiated by the bishops themselves about the future of the church in Germany, Muller says he thinks little of interlocutors "who constantly talk about a reform backlog and conjure up apocalyptic doomsday scenarios in the event that the church does not adapt to the spirit of the times". In any case, the plan of those who only want to polarize must be thwarted.


"Only those who fully acknowledge revelation, accept as criteria the doctrine of the faith and the authority of the magisterium instituted by Christ, can call themselves Catholic and participate in the conversation about martyria, leiturgia and diakonia that we bishops want to have."

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