No preliminary proceedings against pius brothers

The controversial NS comparison remains for the traditionalist Pius Brotherhood without legal consequences. The Stuttgart public prosecutor's office is not initiating an investigation into incitement to hatred against the community despite a criminal complaint filed by the organizers of the Christopher Street Day in Stuttgart, a spokesman said Wednesday. The Pius Fraternity reacted with satisfaction to the news and again attacked CSD officials.

The spokesman for the public prosecutor's office explained that the call published by the traditionalists for a "peaceful" protest against the CSD in Stuttgart was an "expression of opinion that constitutes a judgmental fact". Above all, there was no "call for violence or arbitrary measures". The St. Pius X Brotherhood responded with a renewed attack on CSD organizers. "This once again confirms the methods of the homo pervert propagandists: just shout loud enough, throw dirt, make the headlines," the traditionalists' website said. There was not "a grain of truth" to the "smear" that the Pius brothers were "comparing homos to Nazis". At the same time, the Pius Fraternity renewed its "call for a vigil for God's commandments" on Saturday. The organizers of the CSD in Stuttgart had filed a criminal complaint because the Pius Brotherhood had called for a protest against the "perverted" CSD in the "Untergang des Abendlandes" section of its "Mitteilungsblatt" (newsletter) in early July. The text said, among other things: "How proud we are when we read in a history book that there were courageous Catholics in the Third Reich who said, 'We will not go along with this madness!' In the same way, there must be courageous Catholics again today!"The general manager of the CSD Stuttgart, Christoph Michl, saw in this "hate message" clearly the offense of incitement of the people fulfilled. Although the prosecutor's office did not share this catch, Michl expressed himself on Wednesday nevertheless glad "that we have filed this complaint". As a result, he said, the ie of homosexuality and the CSD has once again come into the public's focus. In this respect, the Pius Fraternity, without knowing it, had even done a service to gays and lesbians. Like large parts of the population, however, he continues to condemn the "unspeakable" Nazi comparison, Michl stressed. The participants of the CSD one had called to ignore the protesting Piusbruder and not to be provoked.

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