No longer a rarity

Women religious and burnout? Not a rarity, say the makers of the magazine "Donne Chiesa Mondo". The Vatican's women's magazine will devote its next ie to the ie, looking at causes and coping strategies.

More and more women religious suffer from stress and burnout. Situations of exploitation and abuse, but also a decline in the number of young people and economic worries due to real estate burdens are responsible for the psychological strain, according to the Vatican women's magazine "Donne Chiesa Mondo" (February ie).

Journal: Labor law rules needed for women religious

The Church needs to address the ie of equality and define more precisely the rights and duties of women religious, Australian religious and psychologist Maryanne Lounghry urges, according to the Vatican Insider website (Thursday), which quotes in advance from the new ie of the magazine (Sunday).

Among other things, they said, labor rules are needed to protect against overwork, harassment and bullying, as well as provisions for any necessary therapies.

Pope plans house for expelled women religious

The Prefect of the Congregation for Religious Orders, Cardinal Joao Braz de Aviz, comments in an interview on the obsolescence of religious orders and the resulting problems, as well as on the abuse of power and sexual exploitation.

Pope Francis wants to create "total transparency" in the abuse ie in women's orders as well, Braz de Aviz said, according to "Vatican Insider". In addition, the pope is planning a house in Rome for women religious who have been expelled from their communities and end up on the streets.

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