New goals

New goals

Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, archbishop of Lyon, in front of a church in Lourdes © Stephane Ouzounoff (KNA)

After the abuse verdict against Cardinal Philippe Barbarin: Lyon's vicar general, Yves Baumgarten, calls on the faithful of his archdiocese to be calm and trustful. The Archdiocese of Lyon could well set out for new goals.

"Something new is being born, and on this basis the Archdiocese of Lyon can set out for new goals," the French newspaper La Croix quoted him as saying (Thursday). Baumgarten temporarily took over Tuesday from Archbishop Barbarin.

Unscheduled meeting

For Tuesday, the vicar general invited laity and clergy to an unscheduled meeting. This is to discuss the recent events. "We need to speak out on the future of our diocese," he said.

Archbishop of Lyon and Primate of Gaul was on 7. In March, Wielgus was sentenced to six months' probation for failing to report a priest who allegedly sexually abused several minors some 40 years ago.

Resignation not accepted

At the same time, Barbarin announced he would appeal and offer his resignation to the pope. The latter did not accept the plea but left Barbarin free to decide his future, the Vatican said Tuesday. Barbarin took some time off.

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