More than just concern

More than just concern

Church protests: French bishops' conference president criticizes proposed bioethics reform. To respond to some people's desire to have children, the natural conditions for procreation and parentage would be changed.

Eric de Moulins-Beaufort told the newspaper "La Croix". The Archbishop of Reims said he was concerned about an expansion of embryonic stem cell research and the handling of embryos. She said it was unclear whether the planned law would also approve the destruction of embryos.

Artificial insemination not only for heterosexual couples

The draft law on bioethics reform approved by the cabinet on Wednesday includes the possibility of artificial insemination for single women and lesbian couples.

So far, this is only allowed to heterosexual couples, if one of the two partners is infertile or a serious disease could be passed on to the child. Couples must be married or have lived together for at least two years. In September, the bill is to be discussed in parliament.

Discussed in connection with the ie of artificial insemination for lesbian couples and single people recently was also a legalization of surrogacy. Although this remains forbidden according to the bill. But De Moulins-Beaufort expressed concern that it could also be legalized in a next step.

Protests announced by Catholic associations

Catholic associations and other civil society organizations announced protests against the proposed law. The Bishops' Conference will address the ie in November.

The proposed legislation was preceded by a nationally organized debate on the ie, in which churches also participated with events. In September 2018, the National Ethics Council presented a report on the results of the debate.

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