“More decision-making authority”

According to theologian Manfred Lutz, the question of the position of women in the Catholic Church is "of central importance for the future of the Church". In an interview, Lutz speaks of an "urgent need for action".

Society no longer accepts that women can only perform menial tasks in any institution, Lutz told the website "Vatican News.". A positive step would be "if women were immediately given more decision-making authority in diocesan leadership and in parishes.".

The theologian made his comments after the General Assembly of the Vatican Authority for Laity, Family and Life, in which he participated as the only German member. Pope Francis, speaking before the body on Saturday, argued that more women should be brought into the Curia "to advisory posts, also to leadership posts".

Warning against unrealizable hopes

Lutz advocated giving women more decision-making authority instead of access to ordained offices. In this way, theological problems with the ordination of women could be avoided and, at the same time, priests and bishops could be relieved of power ies. If lay people took over some tasks, "the few priests could again be more free for pastoral tasks," Lutz argued.

With regard to the reform concerns of the Synodal Way in Germany, Lutz warned against unrealizable hopes. In the end, "the disappointed would understandably become all the more angry" and the committed would become discouraged.

As a layman, he is irritated by the fact that the reform debate announced in Germany for the Synodal Way focuses primarily on clerical ies. He expects new solutions if the importance of the laity is strengthened, if women in diocesan leadership and parishes are given more competence, and if there is "a little less talk about sexual ies," said Lutz.

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