“Monarchical and clerical” set up

Church has failed to "do its homework," says Rev. Jurgens of Munster diocese. On an online portal he writes that therefore the church has lost relevance. She herself is no longer an ie.

Priest and book author Stefan Jurgens laments increasing irrelevance of the Catholic Church in society. "The church is and no longer has an ie because it has not done its own homework and has thus largely lost relevance," writes the pastor from Ahaus in the diocese of Munster in a guest commentary on the online portal kirche-und-leben.de. Finding topics has become difficult for congregations, he said. How can the church stand up for democracy when it itself is "monarchical and clerical," asks Jurgens?.

Church threatens to become a sect

The author supports the reform dialogue of the Catholic Church in Germany, the so-called Synodal Way. "If the Synodal Way fails, the church will go into the ghetto socially, it will become a sect," Jurgens warns.

Fighting clericalism

In November, the priest, together with three other priests, had launched a public call for reform dialogue. At the end of it must be concrete resolutions, "which effectively combat clericalism, one of the roots of abuse in the church," it states. In his book "Ausgeheuchelt!"Jurgens also calls for women to be admitted to ordained ministry, for an end to compulsory celibacy and for a more appreciative approach to homosexuals.

After intensive wrangling, the German bishops had decided on a binding synodal path in spring 2019. The topics to be discussed include power, sexual morality, the lifestyle of priests and the role of women in the church. With the cooperation of lay Catholics and external experts, the bishops want to clarify their positions on these ies. The abuse scandal had plunged the church into a crisis of confidence, with calls for reform growing louder.

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