Mobile payment: sparkassen fresh payment app for android on

Mobile payment: Sparkassen Fresh Payment App for Android on

The savings banks have their app "Pay mobile" a comprehensive update missed. With version 3.1.2 Receive the app for contactless usage to NFC terminals not only a fresh face, but also new features. In the medium term, the savings banks want the app to one "Mobile Payment Wallet" expanding with coarse functionality, S-Payment GmbH shared as publishers of the application on Tuesday.

The most recent innovation is the safety PIN that must be set up after the update. Access to the app itself is only possible after entering this pin, optionally but also by biometric unlocking functions of the smartphone such as the fingerprint. However, this additional backup has no effect on the payment process, which runs as before.

New look

Overall, the app is now more modern therefore, the overview page of the app has been redesigned. In addition to the active and other registered cards, the last transactions are also at a glance. The cards stored in the old app are supposed and need not be newly digitized.

According to the savings banks, the app is around 800.000 customers in use. Since the beginning of 2019, the app was used at 18 million transactions with a total turnover of 470 million euros. The app will "very well accepted", Said S-Payment Chef Erik Meierhoff.

"With the update, the savings bank financial group builds on this success and creates the technical basis for integration of other applications", Meierhoff said. The Sparkasse now wants to expand the app to a full-fledged wallet and integrate further payment methods, value-added programs, installment loans or the contactless use of ATMs.

Berlin starting difficulties

The savings banks had published the app for mobile pay to NFC terminals for the first time in the summer of 2018. After a few start-ups – tickets of the Berlin Sparkasse do not want to activate – the Android app has established itself. On the iPhone the cards are integrated directly in Apple Pay. Contactless payment is on the rise across Europe, which is known by cash-rich German Hangen in the acceptance but a bit behind.

Mobile pay 3.1.2 is available for download now in the Play Store.

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