Meeting at the “corner table

For the first time since the abuse scandal at the Bonn Jesuit boarding school Aloisiuskolleg came to light, the so-called "Corner Table" met this weekend in Konigswinter to deal with the abuse cases. Ursula Raue, the Berlin abuse commissioner of the Jesuits, was also there.

The inviter was the sacrificial group of the same name. Three representatives of the college also took part as guests. Other affected people were connected via video conference. Objectivity instead of boiling Where did the school and the order show honest concern in the face of the suffering of the victims and their families in the aftermath of the attacks, the college representatives were reproached. "It is by no means the case that this does not get to us. Please do not confuse objectivity with coolness," replied Robert Wittbrodt, spokesman for the college. "You are extremely untrustworthy to me because you have watched the doings of the Jesuits for 30 years. I also demand your resignation," principal Bernhard Wibmann had to concede.The college had addressed the public in March with a detailed interim report on the abuse cases, along with a list of the six perpetrator priests known so far within six decades. It is currently preparing a guide on the prevention of sexual violence in schools and boarding schools. Suffering and hot anger He understands that in this round the suffering and hot anger of those affected are vented, commented Jesuit Father Philipp Goertz. "Unfortunately, everything is still lumped together. But we have come to listen carefully and gather new information."New fears were also laid on the "Corner Table". Such as that nude photos of a boarding school boy circulated on the Internet in 2002. This had been taken up by the main suspect in the scandal, the 82-year-old former boarding school and principal, who is now under investigation by the Bonn public prosecutor's office for cases not under the statute of limitations. Rector Father Theo Schneider, who resigned at the beginning of March, had removed all disreputable photos of his foster father in 2007 on the advice of abuse commissioner Ursula Raue. Raue under fire Therefore Raue came under fire on Saturday at the square table.Those affected accused her of destroying explosive evidence. "Yes, it was a mistake. I did not see any criminal offense in the photos at the time," Raue admitted. "It would be a catastrophe if the proceedings against the former boarding school and principal were discontinued," said one of those concerned.But the "Cornered Table" also called for the suspect's foster son, Father Schneider, accused of complicity, to be held accountable. The Jesuit did not appear at the meeting on Saturday. Victims' group considered filing charges against ex-rector for failure to provide assistance. He feared that acts would be further covered up at the Aloisius College, explained the spokesman for the table, Jurgen Repschlager. He therefore insists on a complete clarification of the acts and the subsequent cover-up. The Eckige Tisch also demanded financial support for all those affected, he said.

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