Mccarrick report makes waves

Mccarrick report makes waves

The Catholic Church in Poland has given Pope John Paul II. defended after the Vatican's investigative report on misconduct by former U.S. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Rather, McCarrick had told the untruth.

McCarrick said John Paul II. (1978-2005) in his letter of 6. August 2000 when he said he had not had sexual relations with anyone, the president of the Polish Bishops' Conference, Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki, said Friday, "The case of former Cardinal McCarrick is also unfair to St. John Paul II., who was cynically deceived by him."

He also pointed out that the pope at the time had not received "complete information about McCarrick's moral behavior" from U.S. bishops before McCarrick's nomination as archbishop of Washington. The church responded to the McCarrick report with the words of Pope Francis: who emphasized his closeness to the victims of any abuse and underlined the church's commitment to eradicate this evil, the archbishop of Poznan (Poznan) said.

Systemic failure of church hierarchy

On Tuesday, the Vatican had released a roughly 450-page report by the curia's leadership on the rise of McCarrick, now 90, who was among the most influential U.S. clergy in the Catholic Church. Following allegations of sexual abuse of minors, McCarrick was dismissed from the cardinalate in 2018 and the clergy in 2019.

The report highlights a systemic failure by the church hierarchy to take seriously evidence of moral misconduct by the then-bishop that had been circulating since the 1990s, including an abuse of his position of power for the sexual exploitation of adult candidates for the priesthood and clergy.

John Paul II. is highly revered by Catholics in his native Poland. He is also credited with ending the communist regime in Warsaw in 1989. In 2014, Pope Francis canonized him.

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