Making an example after abuse scandal

Abuse victims and child rights experts in Australia are calling for former Anglican Archbishop Peter Hollingworth to be stripped of his episcopal title. The now 83-year-old had to resign as Governor General of Australia in 2003

It had become known that as Archbishop of Brisbane he had allowed a confessed pedophile priest to remain in office. The governor general is the deputy of Queen Elizabeth II. as head of state of Australia.

"The Anglican Church should finally take a clear stand and make an example," one affected person told ABC station. She had been sexually abused as a child by a school teacher and later successfully sued the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane.

In 2017, the state abuse commission had found Hollingworth to be a "failure" in dealing with abuse cases. He lives as a retired bishop in Melbourne. His spokesman told ABC Hollingworth was not involved in the governance of the Melbourne archdiocese. His episcopal activities were "limited to services for old friends and occasional sermons in Melbourne Cathedral".

Anglicans are second only to Catholics as the Christian denomination most affected by abuse scandals in Australia.

1.115 people had stated before the Abuse Commission that they had been sexually abused as children and adolescents between 1980 and 2015 in the 22 Anglican dioceses. The Abuse Commission judged the Anglican Church's begun review of the abuse scandal and creation of preventive measures as "insufficient".

In July, the Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide, Philip Wilson, resigned in response to public prere after being sentenced to prison for covering up abuse cases.

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