“Learning from past mistakes”

Aachen diocese bundles its activities against sexualized violence in a new specialist unit. Vicar General Andreas Frick speaks of a place that is unique in Germany.

Under the umbrella of PIA (Prevention – Intervention – Contact Persons) work the prevention officer Almuth Gruner, the new intervention officer Helmut Keymer and the two contact persons for affected persons, Herbert Dejosez and Martina Eb, as the diocese announced Tuesday.

The goal of the nationwide unique position is to prevent abuse and sexualized violence even more effectively, to create transparency, to emphasize the culture of mindfulness more strongly and to provide sustainable reappraisal of sexualized violence. "We must continue to work steadily to learn from our mistakes of the past," emphasized Vicar General Andreas Frick.

"Focus on the perspective of those affected"

The specialist office is to support parishes, communities and institutions of the diocese to implement the orders for prevention and intervention bindingly, it was said. "The focus is always on the perspective of those affected and the transparent handling of incidents, a wanting to know and being able to speak," said Frick. The goal, he said, is also to come to terms for and with those affected by sexual violence, as well as to stabilize communities or institutions where abuse has taken place. It is also a matter of coming to terms with the perpetrators and the wrongly accused.

According to the information provided, the prevention department advises church legal entities on the implementation of protection concepts and provides training and continuing education in accordance with the dioceses' prevention regulations ied in 2011. At the 1. The Intervention Department, which was set up on April 1, deals with the processing and documentation of current cases. The contact persons – formerly abuse commissioners – are the first point of contact for victims, he said.

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