Jellact document betrayed google’s lobby strategy against the eu commission

Jellact Document Betrayed Google's Lobby Strategy Against the EU Commission

A confidential presentation of Google shows how the US Group stems against stricter regulation in the EU. According to reports of the French news magazine Le Point and British Financial Times, numerous concrete lobbymakers are listed in the document. The aim is to "To increase resistance to Thierry Breton". EU Commissioner Breton wants with the law pack "Digital Services Act" The rules for internet platforms.

According to Le Point, Google employees have followed the previously coordinated lobby guide. For example, in October at EU-General Director Roberto Viola had asked for appointments (but in vain) and sponsored a newsletter for EU policy in a given week. Also the German EU deputy Axel Voss and the Luxembourg Economic Minister Franz Fayot wanted to appeal according to the reports.

Breton explained opposite Le Point, he was "unfortunate not surprised". Already during earlier negotiations on the copyright line had platform operators "very intense" Lobby work, which sometimes lignened to loading. He is ready to discuss with the platforms, but he is also "non-native".

Rewe and Zalando should help

Google "60-day plan" According to the Digital Services Act, according to Le Point and Financial Times also lists companies, which Google as "Bonded" win. Accordingly, Zalando, Rewe, Ubisoft and Booking are However, the Dutch travel platform explained opposite the Financial Times that you do not want to work with Google. The interests hours "diametrically".

A Google spokesman explained on request from our site, one was "concerned" over certain proposals that have been prevented from global technology companies, "to satisfy the growing investigations of European users and consumers". This one has "Public and private" communicated. When asked if the "60-day plan" is authentic, the company did not go.

The organization LobbyControl called Google’s lobby campaign as "aggressive". The upcoming important decisions were not allowed to be determined on one side of Group interests, said LobbyControl activist Max Bank. The EU Commission wants its proposals for the "Digital Services Act" on 2. December.

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