Internet governance forum: access, privacy and user rights in coronaziten

Internet Governance Forum: Access, Privacy and User Rights in Coronaziten

Suitable for the current Corona pandemic has the 15. Internet Governance Forum (IGF) of the United Nations the title "Internet as a means of human resistance and solidarity" given. Since Monday, the first advance debates in Phase I run. The official program of the 9. to 17. November in Phase II ongoing event is under the motto "Internet governance in times of uncertainty". Guided by the Sudolnian city of Katowice – therefore virtual IGF (VIGF) – expect the organizers about 4000 to 5000 participants to the more than 250 individual events.

COVID-19 has staged the this-year program of the MegaConference, not only due to the little surprising decision to completely relocate the event into the net. More than two dozen discussion rounds are explained by the importance of network communication under the conditions of the pandemic. The inequality occurs in times of stay home by missing or poor infrastructure? What disadvantages result for schoolers from households without access or hardware? What about the situation in the host country Poland?

Urgent: Privacy in the times of pandemic

In addition to the enormous impact light that the pandemic has thrown on the problem that there is still nearly 50 percent of world-free-of-network access, such as Vinton Cerf, the "Father of the internet", Terrified on Tuesday, numerous events also look at the question of whether the data protection can be used in times of health crisis.

The European Fundamental Rights Agency (EU AGENCY for Fundamental Rights, FRA) takes the topic of health data and KI from the occasion of the pandemic and the adult Corona apps under the magnifying glass. Who wants, can also visit the Chinese event at the same topic. The FRA suggests the connection of health data and Ki the arch to the second coarse theme of many workshops: How should companies and governments regulate artificial intelligence (Ki)?

The importance of standardization in the fully automated world has also recognized the host, UN General Secretar Antonio Gutres. In his in summer finished "Timetable for digital cooperation" Is the topic Ki far above. Apart from political initiatives for more access to the networks, the corresponding know-how and the appointment of a "Tech envoy" United Nations 2021, is the appeal of an international expert commerce on KI as a concrete maaking in the timetable.

Role of the UN and IGF

With his digital timetable and the Art Tech Envoy, Gutres underpinned his intention to make the United Nations to a platform for international digital policy. How difficult this is, shows the hard controversial topic cybersecurity, to the Gutres carefully from a further exploration of the member states in the direction "Common formulations" writing.

Especially in the field of cybersecurity this has "Multi-stakeholder chaos" good proposals made and thus an example supplied for this, how a multi-stakeholder IGF can unfold effect. The IGF Active Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace (GCSC) has developed a number of standards in broad consultations, including the protection of the nuclear infrastructures of the network. The latter has taken up the European Parliament last year and included in the EU Cybersecurity Directive.

In addition, the core area protection is now supported by 75 states of the Open-Ended Working Group (OEWG) to Cybersecurity of the UN, said the Dutch government official Nathalie Jaarsma, Ambassador AT-Large for security policy and Cyber, with one of the first IGF preliminary events.

A little grassroots in the un?

Even more toothing between the so far as a Plauderstube Verwuslieb Forum hopes Wolfgang Smallwachter, Volkerrechtler, member of the GCSC and German Internet Governance Expert, from the upcoming reform of the IGF. In his timetable, Gutres given Grunes light for the expansion of the IGF to IGF +. Also this development is the topic of the upcoming IGF, which is on 25. November still a two-hour session for the completely open discussion with the potentially several thousand participants.

A few good ideas for the IGF + sees small width also come from Germany. The more active involvement of parliamentarians, which was launched in the IGF 2019 in Berlin, a lot of meaning, he says, because ever-passed laws were adopted nationally, which relate to the development and use of the Internet as a whole. The meeting will be repeated this year. In addition, in a paper, Berlin has just handed over together with the United Arab Emirates to Gutres, further proposals, such as national IGFs with the coarse IGF and the IGF with the UN committees and other normic bodies cooperate, so smallwaktern.

Real policy

In all the confidence of the IGF optimists, it does not apply to the rough gap between UN, IGF and diplomacy on one and the real policy on the other hand not to forget. A sequence of it thumpes at the VIGF 2020 a panel for the interlocking of the Internet Society. The organization warns with the Global Encryption Coalition against worldwide ongoing legislative initiatives, which want to force access to interlocked communication for law enforcement. The contradiction between the lodging and non-eliminated front turks gain politicians and other IGF participants later declared in the course of the event week.

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