Information and transparency

Information and transparency

Symbol image abuse in the church © Annnna_11 (shutterstock)

First results of study on sexual abuse in Munster diocese to be presented publicly next week. All those interested can come to the 11. March at an evening event in Munster Castle to hear the research group's interim conclusion.

Historian Thomas Grobbolting, who is leading the investigation, will also provide information about his team's working methods, the University of Munster announced Monday. On the initiative of the diocese, Grobbolting and other university staff have been investigating cases of abuse in the diocese of Munster between 1945 and 2018 since October. The scientists evaluate files and want to interview affected persons. The research project is scheduled for two and a half years and is financed by the diocese with about 1.3 million euros.

The latter nevertheless had no means of intervention, as Grobbolting had repeatedly explained. An advisory board with representatives from the university, the diocese and those affected is to ensure that scientific and legal standards are observed. In 2018, the German bishops had published a study on sexual abuse within the Catholic Church. It recorded at least 450 victims and 138 accused clerics in the diocese of Munster between 1946 and 2014.

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