Important function as a stimulus and corrective

Important function as a stimulus and corrective

The five members of the advisory board for victims of sexual abuse in the diocese of Trier met digitally for the first time with Bishop Stephan Ackermann. The advisory council will be officially constituted and begin its work in the near future.

The meeting was about the task profile and working methods of the advisory board and the participation in the independent diocesan processing commission as well as in the bishop's advisory board, the diocese announced on Friday.

Hints, suggestions and criticism

According to the statutes, the Stakeholders' Advisory Council, as a body of experts, makes a contribution in the areas of reappraisal, prevention and intervention. Its themes would arise both from the concerns of those affected and from the ies of the diocese. "The advisory board is a source of impetus," the statutes state.

The council is consulted prior to planned measures and provides advice and suggestions. In addition, the committee critically examines the concepts already available for dealing with ies of sexualized violence. The five honorary members Werner Baulig, Uwe Christoffer, Werner Huffer-Kilian, Eric Muhrel and Karl-Horst Wirz are reportedly appointed for three years.

Another step for the diocese

"Without the participation of those affected, neither reappraisal nor prevention can succeed," Ackermann stressed.

With the founding of an advisory board for those affected, the diocese is taking a further step on the path it set out on last June when it signed the "Joint Declaration" with the German government's independent commissioner for questions of child sexual abuse, Johannes-Wilhelm Rorig.

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