Ill by biosprit

The conversion of the worldwide motor vehicle fleets on Ethanol demands the Olreserven – Cities, but reckon with a high air burden, has investigated a US researcher


Who as a cyclist daily the exhaust gases petrol and diesel-driven cars snuffles, the woman is instinctively, which the chemists can also measure: Healthy is not. In the combustion of gasoline in the automotive engine, canceling substances such as benzen and butadiene. After all, three quarters of benzen emissions in the air go back on car gasoline. On the other hand, the fuel Ethanol producible from renewable raw materials burns clean, so at least the gear ratio, to water and carbon dioxide.

The fact that the use of bio-fuel as a fuel reduces the load on the earth’s atmosphere with the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide is still undisputed – the released CO2 have received the plants in advance from the air. Ethanol is therefore not taxed in Germany today as a fossil mineralol – this scheme is soon (predominantly serene, only on the biosprit clouds). In Europe, there are tarpaulins and directives to use the gasoline to a minimum share of alcohol. It is all about a proportion of well funf percent (which can handle any more common gasoline engine) – while in countries such as Brazil, Colombia and the USA already 85 percent mixes from ethanol and gasoline ("E85") to have petrol stations (the Only for specially constructed motors are useful).

However, even with a complete conversion of the car fleets to such mixtures is still healthy to leave the car in the garage. In city areas, E85 even increased the environmental impact: the US researcher Mark Jacobson from the University of Stanford has calculated with the help of computer models, that the death rate through exhaust gas-related pollution in coarse American bads through E85 increased by several percent love. He has his results in the expert magazine Environmental Science TechnologyTee. Above all, the ozone – a molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms is. Already today the ozonni levels in coarse stades increase in some days to a health-hazardous level.

Ill by biosprit

Art mortgages in the US through gasoline and ethanol. Image: Mark Jacobson, Stanford University

This trend was still overturned in the future. Los Angeles alone had to reckon in 2020 with around 650 additional hospital supplies that are too high over Ozonlevel. The scientist emphasizes the scientist that his results are also valid for urban regions in Europe. "The strongest is the effects in the citys whose air are heavily burdened with nitrogen oxides, as they come from diesel trucks.", Says Jacobson. In addition, he still has a paradox appearing restriction: in the city with "Gruner lung", many public parks and green facilities, the harmful effects of ethanol are less clear. But this is not because the plants reduce the poison gases – on the contrary, their own organic emissions then exceed the vehicles operated by E85.

If the fact that city dwellers have to be more coughing through E85, at least thereby balanced that they die rarely on exhaust gases to die cancer diseases? Probably not: From the exhaust of ethanol-powered vehicles, there are more formaldehyde and acetaldehyde known as cancer outers. Because these factors added to the ethical dilemma to produce fuel from food (biosprit and fear of rising beer prices), researchers are planning Jacobson for hydrogen cars in the form of hybrid or fuel cell vehicles whose raw materials are environmentally friendly with the help of wind and wind Generate solar energy.

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