“Here i cannot be silent at all”

Rainer Maria Cardinal Woelki © Harald Oppitz (KNA)

Cologne Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki has defended the Church's sociopolitical commitment to the protection of life. On ies where politics intervenes in life, the Church cannot remain silent.

Although the Church adheres to the separation between God and state, he said on Friday in the program "Church in WDR 2" on the "Week for Life" of the Protestant and Catholic Churches. "But here we are dealing with questions in which politics intervenes in life. And here I may, here I cannot be silent at all."

"Many left behind"

Woelki criticized the number of abortions, which increased again last year. However, he does not understand the "Week for Life" as a pure anti-abortion campaign. It is a week "for" and not "against" something. He is driven by the fact that "we are better off in Germany than ever before," but at the same time the fringes of society are fraying and there are many people left behind.

In concrete terms, Woelki mentioned precariously employed people, young people from problem neighborhoods who could not find an apprenticeship simply because of their address, sexually abused children and spouses who were beaten bloody. In addition, he referred to "the 60 people who die anonymously every month in Cologne alone because no one knew them or visited them anymore.".

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