Guide in dispute: “a company is organized conflict”

Guide in dispute:'ein unternehmen ist organisierter konflikt''ein unternehmen ist organisierter konflikt'

Unclear conflicts burden relationships, whether it is now professionally or private. Therefore, we want to prevent them from going out of the way or replace them. That’s wrong, says Dr. Reinhard K. sprinkler. "The conflict should by no means be avoided, because he revives, creates cohesion and measure progress and success", Says business consultant Sprenger. Arguing creates a good working atmosphere and the more in a company is argued, the more successful it can be. "Who does not argue anymore, has no common future", so sprinkler. Then equalization has displaced the passion.

When loosening conflicts there must be no losers, because the weak a company, says sprinkler. He is a doctor of philosophy and was in a company head of personnel development. For 30 years he is self-contained business consultant for management development. With over 1.8 million beers sold and consulting mandates in the Vimum DAX companies, Sprenger pays for the most profiled vehicle experts in Germany. He lives in Switzerland and the USA. His new book "Magic of the conflict" leads to rethinking: swapping the solution of the conflict against the conflict as a solution. Daruber we talked to him.

Guide in dispute:'ein unternehmen ist organisierter konflikt''ein unternehmen ist organisierter konflikt'

Open for conflicts: Management Consultant Reinhard K. sprinkler

Our site: Everyone has them, nobody wants them: conflicts. Your new book is called "Magic of the conflict". Maybe we should first clear what they were under the term "conflict" to understand.

Sprenger: For a life-practical definition you have to look at the word field conflict. Then, terms such as dispute, discussion and disagreement. Their meanings are negative. I mean, we are well advised if conflict is pragmatically defined: a conflict is a situation when different expectations meet and is negatively experienced. That may sound at the first horen. But a situation of different expectation, which is experienced as positive, declares the conflict, because it remains tilting because the different expectations are jerking into the center. Expectations can be negotiated. Further complications are then completely unnecessary.

And what is magically at a conflict, because he robs Krafte and wastes resources?

Well: Observe yourself. Everyone is consistently stabbed by conflicts as attracted. Although one speaks of dark clouds that raise, but also wash away from purifying thunderstorms. Often a conflict is a blanket. A life without conflict is boring and tension fields make life exciting. This applies to all areas of life, because conflicts are the engines of life. They make children strong and companies successful. The magic of the conflict is that: in all forms he seems to split and fugges together.

Dissens as a construction principle

Because conflicts have a negative effect according to our definition, try to avoid conflicts of all of us. They advise against confrontation because conflicts revive, progress and success. surprised: the more argue, the more successful one company is?

Clear answer: Yes, because a company is organized conflict. Everything in the company is confidentary, because otherwise you did not have to organize to loose conflicts. Always have to be balanced goals, interests and rationalities. Every one of us experiences each day several times. The construction principle of the company is therefore not the consensus, but the dissent, the good guidance fleet continues to moderate.

Conflicts columns workforce, they write, conflicts jointed together. Helps arguing for a good operating climate?

Yes, argue also for a good marriage, because arguing to a healthy climate between people leads. Negative formulated: Who does not argue anymore, has adopted itself from a common future. Such marriage is only a wait until you disconnect. But in companies conflicts bring along with each other, in any case much closer than this convimate equanimity, which many confuse with unity. Conflicts intensifying a conversation, focusing on a few and create an arena that is engaged about a common future being argued.

Relationship level and property level

Conflicts are usually playing at the relationship level, how can the company level benefit from it?

First, one has to be ready to understand the others. Understanding is essentially understanding-want and thus no language culture problem. This statement is so principle that it is commonly misunderstood because there are no material conflicts, but outlined relationship conflicts. Who wants to agree, will find it for funds and paths. Who does not want that, uses any ie ie to reject the respective relationship offer. Thus, burdens at the relationship level are not addressed, but discussed at the property level in endless debates.

A cleansing thunderstorm could loose this patty situation. Your advice: looking for the conflict when quite quarreling?

My practical experience is that conflict resolution is not a question of a specific technique. She is a question of the wanted relationship – think of the couple – and this decision presents a rough plus or minus conflict in front of the term conflict. Who’s the other benefit, will find a point that will help you continue together. That’s the central point. It’s about continuing, not consensus or approval.

Everyone has right from his point of view

Probably we should probably learn to deal with conflicts, so often argue with colleagues to recognize the magic of the conflict in the second step and to use positively?

First, it’s all about the insight that everyone is always right from his point of view. Or that there is not only a reason in companies, but several. That, above all, no structural conflicts that arise from the role should personalize. We humans namely tend to take a structural conflict between controlling and production personal and hung the plot of a person. Thus, we punish a roller carrier for sure that he carries his role. What we do not consider is that he only makes his job and is paid for what others may go on the nerves. That’s why it’s important to separate person and function.

They demand in their book to trade the solution of the conflict against the conflict as a solution. They previously said that there is no consensus. Is it the compromise?

As the first lost the conflict from the solidification, he brings movement. A guidance that always has the role of the intermediate conflict, will be betrayed by no one of the two side and that is called compromise. Ultimately, it is always about the game goes on.

Environmentally, there are winners and losers. What does your solution look like, at the end of both sides win?

Here we come back to the beginning: On the one hand, a question of definition of the term conflict, ie negative or positive. To other consciousness. In companies: Who wins, loses! There must be losers in any company because otherwise the overall system is puzzled. This creates through a stylish balancing of arguments and decisions. Printed differently, through the magic of the conflict.

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