German pledge system should also clean spain

German pledge system should also clean Spain

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The problems with the plastic mull should be in Spain over "Dosepand" be stored and the Canary Islands serve as a pilot project

More than 250 million tons of plastic materials worldwide are manufactured worldwide, in Europe alone, there are about 60 million tons per year. Only a small part of it is recycled so far, scatzt about 24 percent. The EU Environment Commissioner Janez Potocnik has the last week in Brussel as "A tremendous waste of resources" branded. Spanish environmental organizations want to clear this waste through the introduction of a deposit system clearly. In the Canaries all parties in the regional parliament unanimously pronounced for the introduction.

"In Spain, 51 million drank packaging on the market can be found during the market, as many as in Germany, with only half of the population", Describes Eduardo de Miguel Beascechea a huge problem against Telepolis. He also works on the Global Nature Fund (NGF) to significantly redirect the problem. The plastic bottles joined the floating plastic mull and the countless plastic grooves, which are also always stronger into criticism (EU wants to displace plastic tanks with taxes). The fabrics that are difficult to minimize in the environment not only massively shape the landscape, but are fed into the sea. It is estimated that already 100 million tons of plastic mull have swimming in the oceans or have deposited at the bottom. They threaten the sea life and also get into the food chain.

In Spain, environmental organizations want to feed a tie now. You want to use in the virtually enclosed by the Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean "Dosepand" According to German model imports to find a solution for a part of the problem. For Spain, the coarse number of drink packaging is particularly critical because the country is visited by 60 million tourists. "The drink a whole lot", says the NGF speaker. Since there is not even a pledgeing system for water, beer and limonade bottles made of glass, a general problem about tourists is only increased. Enormous amounts of water, beer and fruit favers are also drunk here from disposable packaging. They burden the environment and also let the Mullhalden overflow.

That no longer just finish environmental protectioners. The NGF has in the "Jerkbund" Not only all the environmental protection organizations united, but of consumer protectioners on the mull tunnel to the big trade union, a tremendous bundling was forged. In any case, Spain must also create a waste prevention program in which the future avoidance targets must be created by the end of the year – like all EU Member States -.

That "grunge" Consciousness growth

The prere is increasing nationally and internationally and shows the effect. On the Canary Islands a pledge system should now be introduced. The islands were particularly well suited, explaining BeasCoechea because they form a closed system. On the mainland, a pilot project in a region is impossible. There, deposit for bottles or doses were paid, which were bought in neighboring regions. A regional system was quickly collapsed. On the holiday islands you want to prove with the tourists, which are usually used to mortgage systems from home that the system is implementable in all Spain. Of the 12 million visitors who visited the Canaries 2011, almost a quarter came from Germany.

German pledge system should also clean Spain

The new beach. Image: R. Stretch

On the holiday islands the prere has been enormously rough. Mull burning systems do not make each other well here. In addition, the flat are limited, which is why there is still room for new Mullhalden. Almost half of the total flood of the islands is also shown in various forms as a nature reserve. That the problem becomes more rigorous, obviously politicians have recognized on the islands. In February, therefore, all parties in the Regional Parliament unanimously adopt an application which provides for the import of a deposit system. At a law is currently being worked.

That this "grunge" Awareness on the islands of wasses, has also deal with the complaints of travelers for the NGF. Who annoys huge when the plastic mull and doses of all kinds are accumulated in Stranden, in Wissen or in the forest. Clean Canary Islands can be seen on the islands therefore as a competitive advantage of the future opposite other holiday destinations. Therefore, the insulans also defend themselves with reprint that before the custodians to OL should be drilled (Canary Islands warn against a black flood).

"The cleanest at the mull is the mull itself"

But scarce cash registers in the heavy economic crisis also drove that fewer and fewer people see, double for the disposal of the plastic mull to be asked to pay. Because even in Spain is paid for packaging when buying a recycling fee. But only a small part lands in somewhere containers. After estimates of environmental organizations, only about 20 percent of the packaging will be recycled. The rest will be carelessly washed and lands either in the environment or over the home mull on mulldeponies.

The removal costs money again, as well as the storage on the mullhalden. "The mull is a good business", explains BeasCoechea, why it gives rough resistance to a pledge system in the country. "The cleanest at the mull is the mull itself", he says. He also refers to mulled mafia in Italy. On the fact that a loss is paid for 100 percent of the packaging, but only a small part must actually be recycled, for example, is currently very well earned.

But not only the savings potential is in view of the islands, but also sees the economic importance of the mulls. "Many mulletals of the islands are almost full", Says the NGF Prasident Juan Antonio Rodriguez against Telepolis. And packaging made by the entire mull, about a third and goods largely avoidable over a pledge system. Despite the disposal will even much more expensive. Then the mull must be shipped to the mainland over long ways when the landfills are full.

German pledge system should also clean Spain

Sofia Brito Al Candidatin at the Global Nature Gala Eleccion Reina 2013. Image: ngf

In view of a unemployment of 33 percent, it is also recognized that over improved recycling and a pledge system can be created new jobs. Then, for example, Miguel Diaz-Llanos. The responsible person of the regional government of Tenerife for energy sustainability therefore sets up "Green jobs". You have to stop taking the materials as a pure waste, because it also deals with many recyclables.

This message had recently distributed environmental protection with coarse success in the carnival. In the overwhelmous hustle and bustle reminiscent of the bustle in Brazil, they performed with its own beauty as a candidate in the choice of carnival cones in Tenerife, says the NGF director proud. "We have achieved many people on this unconventional way", says Rodriguez. The 300 kilogram costum of Sofia Brito consisted only of the materials that actually land on the islands as waste on the landfills. But Brito wanted to clarify that "another world is possible". For your costum, which is now exhibited in Tenerife "No mull used, but valuable raw materials", explains her.

These and many more actions in the carnival were ultimately provided for the swing at the conservatives. Suddenly, the People’s Party (PP) for the introduction of the deposit system to the islands has also been voted on the islands, explores the NGF prasident. The Socialist Environment Minister of the Regional Government now have the unique opportunity, fast "to introduce a law whose success is guaranteed", said Rodriguez. Because virtually all on the islands are for a pawn system and Germany show that the implementation works.

This also softened the position of the PP in the Spanish capital. The rights of corruption difficult to tattered party, which has been ruling back in Spain for a good year, continues to strictly against a mortgage system in Madrid. "Yet", BEASCOECHEA, because in privately speaking PP members have already been shown to be interested in the German system.

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