Fresh wind and “francis effect”

Fresh wind and 'francis effect'

Ute Eberl is the only woman to attend the family synod at the Vatican in October. The Catholic family officer expects a "breath of fresh air" there from Pope Francis. He would bring movement to the synod.

"Great" it feels to be the only woman invited by Pope Francis. This is what the Catholic family advisor Ute Eberl says. In October, the graduate theologian and married mother of three will travel to Rome for the Synod on the Family.

"Fresh wind" brought by Pope Francis

It ames a "Francis effect" at the family synod in the Vatican. "I expect that the fresh wind that Pope Francis has brought will also enliven the Synod on the Family," she said in an interview Thursday. Even the worldwide consultation of the faithful in advance was something completely new. "The fact that the Church really wants to know what the reality of life is like will hopefully continue at the synod."

Only woman among bishops

Eberl attends the Synod of Bishops on Marriage and the Family in the Vatican as the only "auditrix" (guest auditor) from Germany. Together with the chairman of the German Bishops' Conference, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, she will travel from the 5. by 19. October to Rome. The 52-year-old is head of the marriage and family chaplaincy in the archdiocese of Berlin and is u.a. Member of the board of the Working Group for Catholic Family Education.

Church language incomprehensible to many

The Church's teaching on remarried divorcees, for example, is not always understood, Eberl reported from her 20 years of professional experience. And newly baptized adults, in particular, also often said they did not understand church language and lamented the primary importance of church "rules and regulations" over spiritual encounters with God.

Not a pure moral institution

There are also many requests from homosexual couples as well as their relatives, he said. At the same time, Eberl warned the church against being too rigid: "'The church is not a moral institution,' Cardinal Woelki once said. She has a moral. So as long as the first thing we do is threaten with the moral index finger, we cannot communicate our concern."

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